PearUp Can Help You Find Sponsors For Kids Soccer Teams #RitzBitsTeams

I wrote this post on behalf of PearUp and Global Influence.  This is a sponsored review and all views and opinions are of my own and were not influenced in anyway.  


My boys enjoy playing soccer. It  started when my 2nd oldest son turned 4 years old some friends had told me about a soccer program for kids so I decided to put my 4 year at the time in the program.  Soccer suits him perfectly because he is fast, kicks hard and he knows the rules of the game.  After my oldest son sat on the side lines and watched his younger brother play for a year he decided he wanted to play the following year.  Now both boys have a love of the game and look forward to soccer the following season. This year when our 3rd son turns 4 he will be able to join his brothers on the soccer field too!




My husband and I love our kids playing sports however, it gets expensive. This year we will have 3 boys playing soccer. Aside from soccer our 2 older boys play flag football and do karate so you can imagine how expensive all this gear costs. This is how Pear can help!  Pear makes sponsorship easy for groups and events looking for support. No more knocking on neighbors doors, no more calling relatives and friends and no more mailing letters to try to raise money for the things like sports uniforms and equipment. 


Ritz Bits is offering more than $100,000 to sponsor to youth soccer teams across the country by providing team apparel or providing a donation for team/league fees.  This is amazing for families that are unable to affordable soccer uniforms and equipment.  There is no catch – Ritz Bits simply wants to generate goodwill in the youth soccer community.

 So you are probably asking yourself, how does it work?


Its simple really sponsors have money to donate, but they don’t always know how or where to donate it.  Pear works as the middleman to help connect sponsors and groups in need.  They help the group leader create a Pear, and the group leader invites others to join.  A community manager will help groups get the most money from their Pear. Groups earn sponsorship money by creating a Pear for their group and sharing with others who complete digital incentives to earn more money. 


Each group can earn up to $1,000 within a 10-day time frame – that $1,000 can be used toward team apparel or can simply be a donation to the soccer team for team/league fees. Team members complete digital steps on behalf of Ritz Bits to earn dollars such as liking Ritz Bits on Facebook, following Ritz Bits on Instagram or signing up for an email.  Every step team members complete, they’ll get dollars towards their goal. The more tasks you complete, the more dollars you earn for your sponsorship.  

 pear up ritz

Plus you get to keep whatever amount you earn.  It is completely free to participate, costing zero and no  donations required.  So far, there are more than 1,700 participants and more than 250 Pears. There is one sponsorship per group and the program is only valid for groups who have not already completed a Ritz Bits sponsorship on Pear.


Do your kids play soccer? Is your team in need of a sponsor? Your social network can help raise money for your children’s soccer team. It only takes bitz of social interaction to put them one step closer to their goal. Get sponsored by Ritz Bits!   Or are you looking to support at team?  Omaha Legends Vipers could use your help! They have 9 days left and have $391 out of $1,000 supported. 


 I wrote this post on behalf of PearUp and Global Influence.  This is a sponsored review and all views and opinions are of my own and were not influenced in anyway.  
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  1. Ha, ha, ha… I love that photo of your son playing soccer. My son plays year round, as well, and this is the first time we have signed my little miss up for the fall… Can’t wait! Thanks for the info on PearUp… 🙂

  2. That’s awesome! Playing soccer is so healthy for kids, so I love this idea.

  3. My kids love Ritz Bits. I’m happy to know that they’re so supportive of children’s programs!

  4. This is awesome! What an opportunity! Supporting the Vipers!

  5. My kids don’t play soccer, but I know the main source of fund raising in our town for sports is the snack shack – this would be an amazing opportunity!

  6. My kids were never into sports because they got injured easily, but my niece played soccer for many years. I think it’s great that Pear and Ritz Bits are helping raise money for kids soccer teams!

  7. How awesome is that.. we are always struggling to find sponsors for our teams, I soo have to check this out..thanks for sharing, we are a big soccer family

  8. What a great program!!! I love that a Ritz Bitz paired up for this program!!! Your son looks like he has some great soccer skills too!

  9. How I hated fundraising when I was a child. My youngest participates in Special Olympics, we love it.

  10. Sounds like a great program and both of my kids played soccer and we loved attending their games and cheering them on.

  11. I am all for anything that can get kids outside in the fresh air and sunshine… Plus soccer is such a fun game.

  12. Soccer is a favorite sport of ours….we tried T-ball but soccer was so fun to watch the little run around. Nice program that Ritz Bitz is doing…keep it up!!

  13. Great job Ritz Bits. With soccer on the rise in the US this is the perfect pairing. And I have to say the girl uniforms in that shot are adorable. Not like the ugly army green softball uniforms I used to wear.

  14. This is such a real need for so many teams. I’ve seen it when my kids were coming up. I’m so glad Ritz is doing this!

  15. Wow, this is so cool. Thanks for sharing Pear!

  16. Chasity Boatman says:

    I can’t wait until my son is old enough to play soccer!

  17. Soccer is so cool! I always wanted my son to play. My daughter does color guard.

  18. My kids are just getting to the age where we’re going to have to start looking into activities like soccer and karate. I’ve been a little concerned about where the money is going to come from! Thanks for sharing Pear!

  19. My kids aren’t really into sports.
    They enjoy gymnastics and swimming.
    My son tried soccer but he hated it.
    Love that the money collected will help kids that want to play, play!

  20. Elisebet F says:

    I didn’t realize Ritz was doing this! Very cool. I’m hoping to start my son in soccer when he turns 4 too. He loves to run and kick, so it should be a good fit for him.

  21. Great program! When we played soccer, our teams seemed to spend more time trying to raise funds than actually playing. This is a good way to reverse that.

  22. I like that you get to keep whatever you earn, and its free to participate. Soccer can be pretty expensive and a sponsorship is important. Keeping kids active is so important !

  23. This is awesome — Im going to have to tell my kids school about this!

  24. We are just getting into soccer, so I appreciate this!

  25. I love when companies give back like this!

  26. That is so great! My son is really into soccer right now.

  27. Go RItzBits! This reminds me to sign up my little guy for fall soccer! We’re always late!

  28. Hi Nicole,

    Thank you so much for sharing Pear with your readers! We really appreciate it. If you’d like to start your own pear – check out for more information. 🙂


  29. I love this program, people have no idea the kind of impact it can make for our local sports teams. Especially in areas that were hit hard by the economy.

  30. PearUp sounds like a great program! What a great way to give to communities.

  31. This sounds like such a worthwhile program. My kids don’t play any sports, but I know that the expenses can really add up, especially if you have more than one child participating.

  32. Those uniforms are adorable! I wish we had tanks like that when I was growing up!

  33. My kids do not have the love that i do about soccer.. i just like watching the game get played and played well..

  34. I hope these kids can make their goal! When I was younger my parents couldn’t afford for me to play sports.

  35. I will definitely recommend this to my friends. Thanks for sharing!

  36. PearUp sounds like an amazing organization.

  37. This is great! When my daughter played soccer, they were sponsored by local companies that were generous enough to do so,

  38. I love programs that are geared to help the kiddos. Hurrah for Pear Up for making a great resource to help.

  39. Wow! What a great program! You’re so right, it can be truly expensive. I only have one. I can’t imagine paying for more! Yikes!

  40. This such and amazing idea. I have never heard of this before but I can definitely see the benefit.

  41. My daughter does not play soccer, but it is good to know how to earn some extra money for the team if needed! Hope Omaha Legends Vipers reach the goal soon!

  42. That is awesome. My kids love to play soccer

  43. My son isn’t old enough for soccer. I found a league that starts at TWO and maybe we will try it then.

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