At Home Or On The Go Dixie Quicktakes Are The Perfect Food Storage Solution

 This is a sponsored post on behalf of Dixie through All views and opinions are honest and of my own.


Our family is traveling quite a bit this summer. Over the weekend we did a staycation, staying at a hotel for 4 days with our extended family.  The hotel had a nice fridge and small kitchen area so I decided to pack all kinds of snacks for my family for us to enjoy during our stay. I spent quite a bit of time making homemade guacamole, cutting up carrot sticks, washing fruit and salads to bring but when I looked in my cabinets for containers and couldn’t find lids that went with the bottom containers, ugh!  Lids in one cabinet and the bottom container in another cabinet it can be so frustrating!


dixie quicktakes mess

I am happy that finally a product has been made that I do not have to fumble for matching lids! Dixie Quicktakes  are the perfect food storage container with attached lids.  It is in all in one solution! Now I can store the container and lid together in one cabinet!


dixie quicktakes box a

Dixie Quicktakes are not only convenient with the attached lid but they are BPA-Free which is very important to me when choosing anything food related in our home.  They can be used over and over again because they are super durable or they can be tossed.  Toss them without worrying because they are recycleable! Want to use them again like me? Great because you can toss them in my dishwasher and they do not melt or become distorted from the heat!  Not only can they be tossed in the dishwasher but they are microwave safe too!



I like that these storage containers are available in two sizes 8 oz. and 24 oz.. Both sizes are great for food, toys,  if you have girls – hairclips, craft and office supplies, etc. – the possibilities are endless!


So all the food I packed for our travels were stored in the Dixie Quicktakes. There was no leaking, the lids stayed closed nice and tight, they fit nicely in our cooler when we were at the pool and nicely in our hotel refrigerator.


dixie quicktakes collage

Not only are they great for travel but when I pack my husbands lunch for work many times he forgets the food storage container at work for days before bringing them back home and he does not clean them out so they come up smelling toxic from food residue inside now I can just tell him to toss it!


Dixie Quicktakes are super affordable coming in a box of 25 containers (10 – 24 oz. and 15-8 oz.) Available on Amazon for only $10.99 plus while supplies last you can grab a 25% off coupon


What are you waiting for?! Go buy Quicktakes® now! 


This is a sponsored post on behalf of Dixie through All views and opinions are honest and of my own.
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  1. I think that is such a smart idea. I need to stock up on some of these.

  2. I love that the lids are attached! Like you, I have a ton of plastic containers and can never seem to find the matching lids when I need them. I wish I would have known about these for our recent vacation.

  3. I need a better food storage solution. I just organized mine the other day because the lids and plastics kept falling out of the cabinet.

  4. Those are great containers! I am always losing the tops.

  5. I could see packing many sides for my kids lunches in these. Glad to see Dixie is making more than just cups.

  6. OMGOSH where have these suckers been my whole life?! I hate the nasty lid cabinet and avoid it at all costs.

  7. I definitely need some of these – lids that never fit drive me crazy! And I can’t believe these are washable and disposable. Perfect solution! Thanks for sharing.

    • Ha, this reminded me of trying to fit lids on my grandma’s dishes when helping her clean up the kitchen. Lid problems have been around for centuries, lol!

  8. I have some containers with attached lids and I really like them. It is more convenient for storage and when packing lunches so I don’t have to look for lids. These look great.

  9. These are awesome. I need to buy new ones as I just threw all mine out.

  10. Love the fact the lids are attached. No more spilling them when trying to find a match in the cabinet!

  11. Paula Parker says:

    I am a junky when it comes to storing everything in plastic containers. I agree with you Dixie is a great brand. I love their various sizes too.

  12. Those are SO convenient! We just moved into our new house and I’ve come across lots of missing lids or containers.

  13. I am seriously in love with those quicktakes! That would save a lot of mess and space in my kitchen and less stress trying to find lids!

  14. I showed these to my wife…and she as like when are we getting them.. lol These are really good!

  15. I am always going through these things. I put leftovers for my SIL in them and they disappear. Wish they came with an alarm like a car! These would work great because I wouldn’t have to worry about him returning these!

  16. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve gone to the lid drawer and found every lid size but the one I’m needed. I’m glad this product it out!

  17. I love Dixie products and am always in need of new Tupperware. Thanks for the idea. 🙂

  18. I need that entire stash of storage containers. They go so quickly in my house. I think they end up at other people’s houses. This is such a good value.

  19. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. The hinged lids are GENIUS! I have one cabinet that’s overflowing with mismatched containers and lids.

  20. I’ve already started clearing out my “Tupperware cabinet” to make room for these Quicktakes. I’ll never have to dig for a lid again.

  21. I could really use these in my kitchen! I have a cabinet full of messy plastic containers with missing lids!

  22. Lisa J. Jones says:

    I Can’t Wait To Try These Convenient & Easy To Use Love It Thank You!

  23. Lisa J. Jones says:

    I Must Try These Convenient & Easy To Use Thank You Great Review!!

  24. Ugh, I hate looking for lids! Where do they go? I love this idea and will have to look for them to solve my lid issue!

  25. I love not having to search for matching lids!

  26. I adore my matching containers. It drives me bonkers when I cant find the top

  27. I have lots of mismatched containers. I love the idea of these ones!

  28. I am sure I have lids that I don’t even have bowls for anymore. These will be so handy/.

  29. Love the attached kids! My Tupperware drawer is a total disaster. And I always have 1 container and one kid that I can’t find the pair to!

  30. These look like they would solve my container problems!

  31. This is the best idea ever, why did it take them so long. I would love to not loose all my lids!

  32. Angela S says:

    I can never find a lid when I need one. I am so getting some of these!

  33. I am the worst when it comes to finding matching lids. Love this. I’ll be picking up some! 🙂 Thanks for the heads up.

  34. These are perfect for me. I hate losing the tops and the kids often lose them at school this is the perfect solution.

  35. Attached lids!? Are you kidding me? This could be so life changing for me and my cabinets!

  36. These would be so convenient! I am always losing the lids to my Tupperware.

  37. I know exactly what you are talking about! I only have about 6 storage containers (we are a small family) and I can hardly even find my lids. LOL

  38. Looks like a fun campaign. My container cupboard is a huge mess. I should get some of these.

  39. I love these containers because like socks the lids always disappear in my house. These look pretty cool

  40. When I think about how much I’ve been spending on other brands, I could kick myself. These give so much more for the price!

  41. michele d says:

    Need to buy these. Awesome idea for traveling with kids.

  42. I love affordable tupperware. I like it when I don’t have to feel guilty when I have to throw away a container that has sat in the fridge for way too long.

  43. The storage looks very clean and neat. I like it that they have only one color. It’s very uniform and good to see the product inside.

  44. Those are great looking containers! I definitely need to get some!!!

  45. I got rid of a lot of Tupperware because there were no lids. I won’t buy that anbymore when things like this and sving takeout containers are cheaper.

  46. How do they do in the dishwasher? I’m not sure how they’d go in with the lid attached.

  47. thankfully I have been great at organizing so never had the issue of losing lids, but this could be useful to a lot of people I know..

  48. I just love these! I don’t know how I survived without them and why didn’t someone think of this sooner.

  49. Rebecca Swenor says:

    I need to invest in some of these because can’t stand looking for matching lids. These are one of the best things Dixie came up with. Thanks for sharing.

  50. These are neat containers for food. They are light and easy to store. I love giving away food to my friends to try on, these can help make my food looks clean and delicious.

  51. I love the connected lids. I can NEVER find a lid to fit

  52. I love these bowls I need to totally replace all of our tupperware with this stuff.

  53. My house is full of mismatched containers! I don’t understand why the lid has to desapear if the container can be found!

  54. These are awesome. I am always losing the lids to my containers.

  55. Ohh I love this.. my cabinets constantly have bowls with missing lids or lids with missing bowls, they always fall all over the place.. drives me crazy… soo have to look for these and replace all of mine….thanks for sharing

  56. I love my dixie containers, I feel like I am so organized! My lids looked just like yours too LOL.

  57. Such a good idea! I need to throw out all of my mismatched pieces and start with new containers like these!

  58. OMG Doesn’t it feel so good to get rid of all the mismatched stuff! They should TOTALLY regulate the sizes so all the brands match!

  59. I really need this! I was in my plastic container cupboard the other day and was tempted to through everything out! I really need a more organized system and this one sounds great.

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