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My Feedburner has been failing me for months now. I had lost several thousand readers somehow and I thought it was me but apparently many bloggers have lost many too and now well Feedburner will be eliminated completely. So what is the alternative? FeedPress! Guess what, it’s FREE too!


It is SO easy to use. If you have Feedburner than you can follow the below steps to transfer your readers over. First go and create and account at FeedPress.


Next go into your Feedburner account and click on publicize and scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page to view subscriber details Then click on export csv. Doing this will open up all your subscribers into Excel format. 


feedburner 1


All your new FeedPress url and your Feedburner url’s in the locations and click on chose file, this is the Excel information with your subscribers. This will  migrate your Feedburner subscribers into your FeedPress by saving the Excel format with your subscribers.


feedpress 1

Make sure you use all the correct url’s for Feedburner. Once you have added the url’s and added the Excel file then click then click on the green add now button. Next it will take you to your subscribers showing you the amount that was transferred over! Veolia! All done! 


 If you have any difficulties you can watch a step by step video tutorial or WordPress also offers a plug in too!


A few things to remember: Make sure you change social media button to your new FeedPress url and any Rafflecopter entries or any other places you have your Feedburner url at change to your new Feedburner account.


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Have you made the change yet? If not I highly recommend so doing because rumor has it that effective July 1st Feedburner will no longer exist! 


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  60. This is good tutorial at a great time. I need to do this with my readers and for my blog.

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