My Husband Is Our All-Star Dad #AllStarDad

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 My parents got divorced when I was 10 years old and both remarried shortly thereafter. My father remarried  a woman who gave him an ultimatum to pick either his future (which was is her) or his past (which was me). He made the decision to choose his future. For almost 31 years he has not been part of my life.  I could never understand how someone could just walk out of their child’s life.  I always told myself from a young age I would never want that for my children. I am so thankful that my husband is very involved with our 5 children in every aspect.

 our family dedication

I listen to some of my friends say that their husbands are not hands on, they sit and watch their children from the side lines, that isn’t the case with my husband. 


His weekday starts by getting up at 6:15 AM and goes to work. In the 9 years of having children he has not once complained about going to work to provide for his family.  Because of his selflessness I am able to stay home with our 5 children and homeschool them.  Even after a hard day’s work he helps in our homeschooling too! 

Allstar homeschool

He always has time to extra curricular activities too like coaching our boys soccer team. Devoting weeknights and weekends not to just our 2 older boys on the soccer team but to the other children on the team as well. 

AllStar Soccerr

My husband is patient, fun loving and kind. He always puts his needs last before others and this is the same in his parenting.  Any seriousness aside, he can be child-like too!

Allstar Lego

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 This is a sponsored post on behalf of Global Influence and Dove. All views and opinions are our own.  Mama to 5 Blessings is disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.     


  1. Your husband really DOES seem like an all-star dad. I love that he is so involved and really happy to be a dad! It’s great that he realizes how blessed he is to have those kids!

  2. That is awesome that he is hands on. I think it is one of the best qualities a man can have.

  3. Awwww, what a sweet post. He definitely sounds like an awesome dad. Your kids are lucky πŸ™‚

  4. That is awesome that your husband is such a great dad. I know my husband is going to make an awesome all-star dad too. My foster daddy was my all-star dad and he passed several years ago.

  5. Your children are so very lucky. I hope you win the contest! My father had to travel for work so I didn’t see him much growing up but we knew he loved us.

  6. Kudos to him for being a good day. Some men just aren’t cut out for it and are too selfish to think of what it does to the kids. Again, kudos!

  7. My husband is a very hands-on dad, too. I love it! I’m sorry you didn’t have your dad in your life when you were younger, but I’m sure you’re so happy that your kids have a wonderful dad around everyday for them!

  8. What a great story. I submitted my video!

  9. Dads are great, aren’t they? Yours sure is – I love how he helps out everywhere and coaches too!

  10. Best of luck to your husband in the contest. I hope he wins, he really sounds like an amazing dad and husband.

  11. Sounds like you got yourself a great dad for your kids! πŸ™‚ I’m lucky too. I’ve got a great guy that truly does enjoy spending time with the kids. Everything he does is always for the benefit of our brood! πŸ™‚

  12. What a great dad/husband you have there! It is such a blessing to have a man who is up for the challenge of being an all around super guy!

  13. Your hubby is definitely a great dad!

  14. Amanda @ Erickson and Co. says:

    I love your family picture! I’m so glad you found someone who is awesome! My husband is amazing too!

  15. Your hubby certainly seems like an ultimate All Star Dad, you and your children are very fortunate!

  16. Dove has some great products for men and they deserve to have great products! Especially when you are a super dad like your husband!

  17. What a great campaign! I’m going to see if my hubby will make a video and enter.

  18. Your husband is very clearly an amazing Dad! You are all very blessed to be able to have such a hands on and involved family in tact. Best of luck in this contest-I hope you win but if not he is still an AllStar Dad!

  19. Ahh loved reading this! He sounds like such a great dad!

  20. This is a great contest, I will have to enter, love the fun family photos, what a special family,.

  21. That’s so awesome that your husband is such an involved dad! I wish this were the rule in today’s society, instead of the exception.

  22. I am so blessed to have an involved dad for a husband too! I just feel so blessed to have an amazing husband and father of my children in my life.

  23. What a fantastic father! He definitely sounds like he deserves to win. Love how involved he is.

  24. You are very lucky to have such a great Dad standing by your side and participating in the raising of his children as I am sure you know! He definitely deserves to win!

  25. So sorry to hear about your dad. My mom left us when I was 13 and it was definitely tough going through my high school years without a mom. Since then she has tried to come back into my life but things have never been the same. You husband sounds like a great father. You are very lucky!

  26. aww I hope you shared this post with your hubby. Sometimes they need these gentle reminders on just how specia they are to us and our kids!

  27. Awww! Your hubby sounds like a winner! This is so awesome to hear! What a great sweepstakes to celebrate awesome dads! Good luck to him!

  28. He’s sounds like an awesome man and great hubby & father!! I can relate to your relationship with a parent, though… Kudos to your all-star man!! πŸ™‚

  29. Awww your hubby sure is a Gem.. thanks for sharing… my hubby has been taking on a lot, too.. he is helping rais emy two older boys just like they are his, he takes care of our little girl while I work and does a lot around the house and even cook, especially since I’ve been so sick he does ALL the house work after he gets off work.. He’s an awesome dad, too..thanks for sharing

  30. What a beautiful family! Your husband looks like an amazing dad.

  31. That sounds awesome! I hate the fact that my wife has to work like she does. At one point in our lives she did not have to, but since taking on new things, it is not an option. You husband definitely is an All Star! Good for him!

  32. Amy Desrosier says:

    I am blessed to have a wonderful father , but my mom was not so lucky. Her dad chose his wife over his past as well so I have no grandparents now.

  33. You have a amazing husband:) You are blessed!!!

  34. Best of luck to your hubby!!! Sounds like he’s a great dad

  35. My uncle was my father figure since my father was absent most of my life. I think your hubby is FANTASTIC!

  36. He does sound like a really wonderful dad! Homeschooling and coaching soccer? What a hands-on dad, I love that!

  37. You definitely have a keeper! My husband was very hands on with our kids and continues to teach and nurture now that they are young adults.

  38. Shauna says:

    Oh my goodness, your Dove All Star Dad sounds like my Dove All Star Dad… I tell you, there is nothing better than seeing an amazing man so involved with the day-to-day events in kids lives. Thank you so much for sharing.

  39. Awww, he is very deserving!!! πŸ™‚ Definitely a keeper.

  40. I love this post, what an amazing family you have. I love that you are a mom of 5 too! Just love your little family.

  41. That sounds like one busy dad! And judging by the photos, a happy one, too!

  42. Your husband definitely sounds like an AllStar Dad! You have a beautiful family.

  43. My husband is very hands on as well. Since birth he has been in charge of bath time and bedtime. Plus most days he can be found with one going to work with him.

    • It is great seeing other dads as hands on as my husband because I do hear often how others don’t help much. I have one friend who has a six year old son and 3 year old daughter and he has spent less than an hour alone with them! It drives me insane! Your kids will treasure the memories they make with their dad for a lifetime and he is setting a good example for them with their future spouses.

  44. You are so lucky to have a husband so involved in the family and there all the time! What a blessing. He truly is such an allstar dad!

  45. It is so refreshing to hear about a great dad. I am truly sorry to hear that your father made the choice that he did. Hugs!

  46. Your husband sounds like a great dad. They say girls marry versions of their dads but it looks like some learn from their parent’s mistakes and don’t. Good for you.

  47. I’m sorry your father made that decision, and very glad that your husband seems like the total opposite kind of father. Love these pictures!

  48. This is soo sweet. I want o do something like this for my hubby. So sweet.

  49. You got a keeper!! He looks so happy! Heck you all do! Hope he wins the Dove Contest – he deserves it!

  50. Yay for awesome dads! Sounds like you’ve got an awesome hubby on your hands

  51. All the best for the competition. Dads deserve a lot more cred then they get. Actually we all do. But let’s start with dads!

  52. We all are so close to our Mothers, and always forget the superman of our homes. This is such an amazing post dedicated to father’s.

    And not to forget you are really lucky, your hubby is so supportive with kids πŸ™‚

  53. You husband sound great! Good Luck in the contest!

  54. Sounds like a really great guy! I have one too and it is awesome! I have been married 23 years and our children are grown but he is still as involved as ever.

  55. What a beautiful family! Your husband is an awesome dad! I hope he wins.

  56. You have one great man there. I haven’t really ever had a father in my life. He doesn’t really want to know my sister and I so I understand how it is to be without one. My mom was the major role model in our lives. She stood tall and took on two jobs to be able to feed us and keep a roof over our heads. Great post, and He is really an awesome dad!

  57. You’re so lucky to have a husband like that! Good luck on the Dove contest!

  58. I can relate because my husband is also patient and can look after the welfare of my son. Nice idea for Dove for choosing father’s as their inspiration for their product line.

  59. Good thing for awesome dads. They often go unnoticed!

  60. Your dad is a lot like my dad … and I would like to think that God will give me a husband who is patient, understanding, compassionate, and giving. Your husband is God’s gift to you, it may be to make up coz of what your dad did. I dunno. I hope I do not offend you with that … I mean well.

    Goodluck with the contest.

  61. You are so lucky to have a hubby like that as not all women gets the chance to do so. πŸ™‚

  62. Wow, what an amazing dad! My husband is so hands on as well…neither of us had hands on fathers so we told ourselves and promised we would be as much as we could…I hope they appreciate it!

  63. I’m happy to see a dad as awesome a dad as I am. He definitely does do quite a bit for your family and others. Getting the time to do all of these activities and functions must be a work of magic.

  64. You got yourself a really great guy & a great father to all the kids.. I’m loving this post so much!

  65. katherine bartlett says:

    My dad did the same thing. He married a woman who made him choose her or me and he picked her.

  66. Your lucky enough to have a supportive husband. I guess that makes up for being left out by your father.

  67. Wow what an amazing farther and husband you got there Nicole you really are blessed hey!
    I wish i was a dad and hope that one day soon I will be with my louise! goto make a move on as were both knocking 40 now!
    Have a great day!
    – Phillip Dews

  68. Your family photo is awesome! Consider yourself
    Lucky and blessed to have a husbad like the one you have.

  69. I really admire families like yours. A wife and mom does a lot but when you have a loving, caring husband, it makes everything so much easier and so much more lovely. Your husband is definitely an all-star. I’ve seen many families with husbands to complain about and it’s sad.

  70. What a neat contest! My boyfriend is the most amazing dad to our two littles <3

  71. Living without a dad while growing up is hard. I do have friends who have similar stories.

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