Need More Room? Perfect Solution For Selling Kids Clothing + Buying Them Too!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of – Kids’ Consignment for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

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As my first child started to outgrow his clothing I saved each and every piece of clothing in a labeled storage bin to pass down to the next child. Fast forwarding to four children later – totaling five children now you can imagine all the clothing I have stored and packed away. Even though our youngest is 12 months I still will not get rid of the clothing just in case we have a sixth baby. I am a pack rat which doesn’t help because we are busting out of the seams.   My daughter’s closet is full of storage bins from top to bottom with clothing from newborn to size 8. – Kids’ Consignment is the perfect soution for parents and caretakers and especially moms like me! is The largest online consignment store with over 50,000 pre-owned baby and kids’  items.  The great thing about is that you can buy and sell kids’ items.  Purchasing and selling items such as: baby gear, books, clothing, maternity clothing, accessories, movies, toys, games and much more!


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Purchasing from is easy, simply add items to your shopping cart and check out. Items ship within 1 business day. All merchandise are quality screened. First time customers receive free shipping and orders over $50.00 always ship for free! offers a 100% refund policy which makes shopping  so much easier!     


 To sell items is just as easy. A small fee of $8.90 which includes shipping and listing the items on – Kids’ Consignment. The sales proceeds are processed the sellers account within 14 days.           


This whole concept is a mother’s dream come true! I know when the time comes for me to part with all my kids clothing I will be selling all my kids clothing to!  I cannot wait to have the extra room!     


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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of – Kids’ Consignment for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.


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  1. I love the idea of this and it’s certainly a lot easier than selling my kids clothes on Craigslist!!

  2. Whoa I haven’t heard of this before! I do a consignment sale locally twice a year and it’s always a great way to get rid of clothes and stock up for the next few seasons! Thanks for sharing, I am going to check it out now!

  3. Wow, what an asset to parents everywhere. This is such a great idea since kids really do grow so quickly! Wonderful resource!

    • It was so hard to keep my kids in well-fitting clothes, because they seemed to change size every week! This would have been such a great solution.

  4. Thanks for the information about this site. I have SO many nice things that my kids have outgrown that I could sell here.

  5. Consignments are huge in my area–a great way to get barely used items for kids!

  6. Great prices. Even when we have a yard sale, we have trouble moving clothes at $1 each. I would have been thrilled with getting $5 each!!

  7. Not only are you saving money, you are recycling. Great!!!!

  8. Off to go shopping! Thanks!

  9. What a smart idea. Half the time a child only wears something once or twice before they grow out of it.

  10. I love I wish they would have had something like this when my son was little.

  11. What a fantastic idea considering how fast kids grow, sharing this with all my friends who have little ones!

  12. My mom and I were just talking about all the kids clothes I have from my little ones who are now aged 9 to 27. I am usually giving away boxes of clothes, but I have a lot of stuff stored in boxes that I need to do something with – I might be able to gain income and also bless somebody with low priced good valued clothing.

  13. Michelle says:

    I have never heard of before. I use craigslist which is a pain most of the time.

  14. That is a really neat concept!! Thank you for sharing!

  15. I love that idea because kids outgrow their clothes so fast.

  16. This is great, I will have to check it out I have so many clothes that the baby has outgrown.

  17. Great idea for a site! That will work and work very well! Im gonna give it a look!

  18. Sounds like an awesome service. My daughter could use some new clothes for summer.

  19. This is great! Kids grow out of clothes so quickly so it’d be great to be able to pass them on and get some money out of it in the process.

  20. This is awesome. As you know with 5 kids clothes get expensive. I think this is so neat, thanks!

  21. Beautiful clothes, Thanks for sharing..
    I have a lot clothes of my kids!

  22. That fee is very low, what a great idea! I need to look into this more, with 3 kids, I have a ton laying around!

  23. What a great way to save money on clothes. Kids outgrow things so quickly.

  24. What a great idea. I was like you for the longest time and kept everything on the off-chance we would have another baby. Finally after we moved last summer I donated everything my youngest had outgrown. I wish I would have known about their service.

  25. This is really a smart idea. Kids grow fast and it is nice to hear someone has filled a need for it.

  26. Michelle R says:

    I’m sure this is much Better than Craigslist. I will have to look into it.

  27. lisa jones says:

    This Is Great I Really Need To use This I Have A Ton Of Clothes I Need To Get Rid Of!1

  28. This is a great idea- I have not heard of before! Thanks for the introduction!

  29. lisa jones says:

    I Heard Great Things About Them I Really Need To Try This Thank You!

  30. lisa jones says:

    This Is Awesome I’m So Going To Start Doing This Thank You!

  31. This sounds a lot safer than buying from craiglist or Ebay. I definitely will be checking it out.

  32. This sounds amazing! I totally have a ton of kids clothes to sell myself!

  33. This looks awesome. My little boy grows so quickly and I could use the good deals that they have.

  34. Kids grow so fast this is a great way to save some money! I have to go through my kids rooms, Im sure I have a ton to sell.

  35. I wish this would have existed when my son was younger. I would have so used this service!

  36. Oh my, that is just the coolest thing ever and of course I would read this after I take all of Little Mans clothes to give away. But, thankfully I have yet to go through the girls closets. HA!

  37. Omgosh! I need this, like, NOW! I just dropped off a bunch of stuff at our local shop today and it’s never a good experience. They are really picky and they take 60% right off the top. I’m checking this out immediately.

  38. Maria Oller says:

    thanks for the site I’m pregnant and clothing can be really expensive , I just checked ad I can buy a bunch of items for the price of 2 new baby dresses at target. (not even think Carter’s)

  39. I wish I had known about swap before I cleaned out the kid’s closest! But now at least i know where to go to get their summer wardrobe!

  40. I think you do save a lot with and get a better fit for the kids.

  41. It’s wonderful that there is something like this out there for parents, new and old alike! It’s not only eco-friendly but I bet it saves some money.

  42. Rebecca Swenor says: is the way to go. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

  43. This is such a cool idea! I am like you and hold onto everything!

  44. I wish I knew about this when I lived in the United States.

  45. Swaps are so much better for everyone especially when it comes to the kids toys and books!

  46. This is a great idea. Definitely an excellent resource for parents!!

  47. You can make a significantly higher amount this way than through a garage sale, I’m sure. Great idea!

  48. I never try but I sold in Ebay before 🙂 I have not sell for awhile. I just donated many bags of used clothes and shoes of my kids 🙂

  49. I will have to check this site out I have 3 kids and lots to swap!

  50. Never heard of earlier…. this is such a cool website!!

  51. That is awesome! I have never heard of them before, I will have to keep them in mind when I get rid of my sons next bath of clothes!

  52. That little plaid shirt is just too cute! What great deals!

  53. I have bags and bags of my kids clothes just sitting in our garage. I am going to check out this site tonight!

  54. This sounds like a great company. With 4 kiddos over here, we go through a ton of clothes

  55. I will be checking Swap. Dawn buys almost 100% of the kids clothes at resale shops.

  56. I had no idea about this site. Thanks for sharing.

  57. It cost $8.90 to list one item? that’s a lot for one item. We take all of our stuff to a local family run thrift shop, but if one has the funds, this swap would be the place to go.

  58. Love this idea! Will have to check it out and see about getting rid of some old stuff!

  59. I kept seeing all over the place but didn’t really understand it until now. This is great that you saved your kids clothes like this. And you know it makes such a huge difference for many families too. I would love to check this out for sure.

  60. What a great concept! I’ve never heard of them and I’ll have to check them out! Lord knows I have a lot I could swap with 4 kids!

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