Easy Everyday Money Saving Tips On Your Electric Bill

electricity tips
With Earth Day quickly approaching, I re-evaluate how our family can save electricity not just to help our planet for generations to come but to save money too!  I am a huge fan of line drying cloth diapers and clothing. Certain items I do line dry but all my kids shirts, shorts, pants and cloth diapers I line dry.
~ I started line drying clothing when my 1st child was about 1-year-old. I originally didn’t start line drying to be “green” I did it because I noticed even the really nice name brand clothing was shrinking in the dryer. I knew that we wanted more than one child and if the clothes were to be passed down I didn’t want everything shrunk.  Then I started cloth diapering when our 2nd baby was born and my love for line drying changed to not only saving money but to be more green.  A lot of people say it’s too much work to line dry, I say no it’s not. Did you know you can save 5 to 10% off your energy bill by line drying?
  ~ When you do to use the dryer, run full loads, use the moisture-sensing setting, and clean the clothes dryer lint trap after each use. Save 5%
~ I also wash all our clothing in cold water except bed sheets and cloth diapers. Plus you can save another 4% by using cold water

~ When using your dishwasher wash in a full load and instead of pressing that dry button open the door of the dishwasher and let air dry.

~ Turn off all appliances when not using them, that saves you 2% off your energy bill!
~ Did you know that even when you are not using and appliance and it’s still plugged it you are still using electricity? You can save another 10-15% off your energy bill by unplugging them!
~ Dirty filters can restrict airflow which can cause the system to run longer, increasing energy use. We replace our air filters monthly which can save you 1-2% off your energy bill! 
~ Use Energy Star products
~ Tint your windows or have an awning type system, plant a tree, bushes or shrubs in areas that would increase shade covering in your home. You could save 5%!
What money-saving green tips do you use to save off your energy bill this Earth Day?


  1. I am SO bad about taking our chargers out of the wall that we are not using. I need to get better about that.

  2. Amy Desrosiers says:

    I am going to insist that my husband finally set up my clothes line I’ve been asking for!

  3. Boy, can I use these tips. Our electric bill is ridiculously high and I think some of these might really make a difference. Thanks!

  4. Those are great tips! We did a conversion of our light bulbs last year. Replaced all of the light bulbs upstairs with energy efficient light bulbs. It immediately dropped our power bill by $20 the next month! We also switched from using dryer sheets to using wool dryer balls. No joke; our clothes dry much faster now! So we are saving money on not having to buy dryer sheets AND not using as much electricity on the dryer!

  5. I am the worst about completely unplugging appliances! I totally should!

  6. I am terrible for taking out the charger plugs but, I try to when I remember. Also, we only use energy efficient bulbs in the house.

  7. I am finally getting my husband on board with many of these ideas. The one thing he won’t let me do is line dry our clothes. He doesn’t want them hanging out there for the “world to see.” 🙂

  8. We wash a lot using cold also. I needed the reminder to change our filters, it’s overdue.

  9. We use a lot of these tips. You really can save a lot of money if you’re careful.

  10. I need to save money on the electric bill. Mine is out of control

  11. I have heard that replacing air filters saves even as much as 15% per month on energy bills – which for my family equals more than $100 per year.

  12. AWESOME tips… I’m all for saving electric … YET with two teenagers in the house that sometimes makes it difficult; I do unplug things we don’t use all the time and I do make sure all the lights are out and I buy energy efficient light bulbs…. thanks for your tips, will see what else we can do to save money

  13. We have a number of our small electrics in the kitchen unplugged. To be truthful it’s because we don’t have enough plugs, not because we were being conservative.

  14. Wow these are some great tips I’ve never heard before! Can’t wait to start saving!

  15. Those are great tips. We have such issues remembering to turn things off, especially the TV. We have one tv where the cable remote doesn’t turn the TV off, so time after time I walk in and the TV is still on.

  16. Thanks for tips. Always a good idea to save some moolah and be able to use it in other places!

  17. That’s great! We don’t have a clothes line in our back yard, but I’m sure we could easily set one up. We do have an energy efficient dryer, I think it came with a tag that said it used $27 bucks a year. Which is pretty good, but I’m all about finding ways to save money and conserve electricity and water whenever we can!

  18. These are really great tips to save money on the electric bill! I am always looking for little ways to save where I can!

  19. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    Great tips. We had a clothes line when I was a kid and I loved the way the clothes smelled when they dried. I don’t know why we never thought to have one at our house. It makes so much sense.

  20. Great tips! I’m glad you mentioned that even when we are not using appliances that are still plugged in, that they are still using electricity! I learned that a few years ago and have made sure that any appliances not being used are unplugged! It does help quite a bit! Every little bit helps.

  21. Great tips, I need to start remembering to unplug items that aren’t being used.

  22. These are good tips. I really am trying to these kinds of little things that add up so fast!

  23. It is true all the little things add up. I try to line dry what I can but here in OR that can be few opportunities till the heart of Summer. Thanks for all the reminders.

  24. I like the idea of planting trees or shrubs in areas where I want to increase shading near my house. That would hit two areas that help me help the earth. Great ideas.

  25. Great tips! I “line dry” all of our pants and shirts by putting them on hangers and hanging them on the shower curtain rod. When I move next month, I’ll finally have room to line dry even more stuff outside!

  26. This is fantastic advice. A couple I never thought of!

  27. I really miss line drying as it saved us a TON of money when we could do it. But, the idea of hanging clothes outside in the cold Alaskan winters seems ludicrous. I do use the moisture sensor in our new dryer, though, and then let the few damp things hang in the bathroom.

  28. Wow so I didn’t know about the cold water tip! Thanks!

  29. I wash almost all my laundry in cold water. It saves money AND the colors don’t bleed like they do with hot!

  30. You know, I used to hang dry a lot of my stuff, not sure why I stopped!! Thanks for the tips!

    • I really need to do this too! Every little action counts, I need to get myself on this! We need to save money big time!

      Thanks for these fabulous tips!

  31. These are some great tips. Out electric bill is CRAZY lately and I need to get it under control!

  32. Amy Desrosiers says:

    One thing I could improve is to unplug things I am not using..Im pretty bad about that part.

  33. I love to line dry my clothing! I am pretty bad about most of the other things you listed. I really need to pay attention though, my bills were so high this winter.

  34. we use a lot of power strips so appliances and electronics aren’t using electricity unless turned on.

    and we charge our phones and spare chargers in the car.

  35. I don’t even want to look at my electric bill right now… I’m running two fridges.

  36. Such great tips. Whenever we get our home energy report, we look really bad compared to our neighbors. Thanks for this!

  37. Great tips – I wash most of my clothes in cold water, too. Also helps avoid shrinkage on some clothing items!

  38. Not only is line drying eco-friendly but I’ve noticed the fresh air gives the laundry such a fresh smell! My only worry about line drying would be airborne contaminants since my family is pretty sensitive to those kinds of things.

    All in all these are some great and easy tips to help go green and save a little money doing it 🙂

  39. Those are great tips! We have to remember to turn off lights in our house. I am sure I could save a lot of money if the kids stuck to that!

  40. Great tips! I also was most of our clothes in cold water, other than towels and sheets. Cold water cleans just as well for regular laundry!

  41. These are really great tips! Thank you! I could use some money savings ideas!

  42. The unplugging of the appliances is one thing we just have not taken action on. We just never remember or are subconsciously really lazy. These are all great tips though!

  43. We are buying our first home this year – definitely tips I can use!

  44. I keep waiting for the trees to grow tall enough to provide some shade and energy savings. I can’t wait!

  45. We do a lot of these already! I love to line dry my clothes so they don’t shrink too.

  46. Such Gret Tips Thank You So Much!

  47. Angela S says:

    Thanks for the reminders. I don’t always remember to empty the lint filter after each load.

  48. I am so bad at ALL of these things. I should really try harder.

  49. Some electric companies won’t tell you this but there are some places around the country where the electric bill goes down at certain times of the day. We do our laundry in the evenings after 7pm because of it. But you might want to find out if that’s the case around your area.

  50. These are some great tips that we will definitely employ, thank you 🙂

  51. Stephanie Brenner says:

    Unplugging what I’m not using has saved me at least 20% savings, and that’s just unplugging things like the microwave, TV, dvd player, taking the phone chargers out of the walls…that only need plugged in while using them. Great tips!

  52. Lots of really great tips, thanks! I hang dry all of our shirts, but never actually thought that was saving money. Cool! And I also wash in cold, except our bedding… never realized that saved money either!

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  54. Good tips! I already do some of them like hanging up clothes to dry and unplugging appliances, lamps, tv’s, etc… It really does save so much money!!

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