Taking Care Of Baby’s & Mom’s Skin With Mustela #GenerationMustela

 “I participated in an Influencer Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Mustela. I received product samples to facilitate to my review and to thank me for participating.”


I remember when our first son was born almost nine years ago how uneducated I was in skin care products. I bathed him in a popular soap not realizing the chemicals that were in this product. When our second son was born I continued to use the same product until a friend of mine educated me on the harmful chemicals in this brand as well as other brands on the market. I was horrified! I felt like a bad mom for bathing them in this product as well as using the lotion on them too! 


Then when our third baby was born she had eczema pretty bad and her skin was extra sensitive. That is when I started using Mustela products. Fast forwarding to two more children later I am still using Mustela products on my little ones. Our fifth baby also has sensitive skin so I try to be extra careful what I use so she does not break out in hives.  One of my favorite Mustela products are the 2 in 1 Hair and Body Wash. Not only does it leave my baby smelling fresh and clean but it is sepcially designed formula is just what her delicate skin needs. I particularly like that it’s tear-free so if it gets in her eye she doesn’t cry. In between bathing and/or after Hydra Bebe Body Lotion  provides immediate and lasting hydration while reinforcing the skin barrier.




 For on the go Mustela offers Facial Cleansing Cloths which is not only cleans dirty little faces but leaves their face soft and moisturized.  The Hydra Stick With Cold Cream   comes in the perfect size of an 0.35 oz. stick for protecting lips and cheeks. Perfect to toss in the diaper bag!




Not only does Mustela offer a large selection of products for baby but moms skin is delicate too! When I first got pregnant with our first son I was smaller and my skin was healthy but four more kids later not only has my body changed but so has my skin.  Having five c-sections I have quite a bit of scarring and stretch marks on my stomach. Stretch Marks Care Oil helps to prevent and minimize new and recent stretch marks. Plus it’s formulated with 100% natural oils and 99% ingredients of natural origin, and free of parabens and phthalates. Now maybe I can get my skin feeling smooth and soft again in these areas! 




One of my favorite features about these products is that they are made with natural ingredients without harmful chemicals. Our skin is our largest organ and what  comes in contact with it can make a difference in our bodies. Not only are these products made of natural ingredients but they leave your skin feeling silky-soft without a greasy messy film!


Place your order and receive a FREE Facial Cleaning Cloths and FREE shipping with a $50.00 purchase using promotional code Mom314 at Mustela.com. Follow Mustela on Facebook  and stay up to date on new products and promotions. 


“I participated in an Influencer Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Mustela. I received product samples to facilitate to my review and to thank me for participating.”


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  1. I love that they are natural! My SIL just had a baby and I should get her some of these products.

  2. I wish I knew of this when my little man had a bad case of eczema. Love that it’s natural based.

  3. Ashley M says:

    We have to be careful with our babies skin, it’s so much more absorbent than ours, which is why we love our natural products.

  4. I really appreciate that these are paraben free. I look for that in products.

  5. I’d love to have those cleansing cloths in my purse just for me! They are so handy, aren’t they?

  6. Wow, the Mustela products come in an amazing selection. I love the cleansing cloths, perfect to throw in the bag to use on the go1

  7. These products sound awesome, I’ve been hearing a lot of rave reviews about them too! My cousins is expecting her first, can’t wait to share these1

  8. I love paraben free products. It is so hard to find what works for a particular person. We have had good luck with removing some foods from our diets to clear up itchy skin. But there are definitely times when products like Mustela are a must!

  9. After I had my daughter my kin and my daughters skin was so very dry we used Mustela products and we loved them too.

  10. I’ve heard amazing things about mustela products. I’m interested in their cleansing cloths. Sounds like the perfect wipe for on the go.

  11. Several of the kids in my family have sensitive skin and eczema. It’s something I deal with myself. I’m glad to hear such great things about these products.

  12. My sister just had her third child and she was just commenting on how dry her skin was with the harsh winter we’ve been having. I need to tell her about this since it sounds perfect for her and her three little ones! – Katy

  13. I have no more babies, but I LOVE these gentle products for my tweens sensitive skin. Plus, they smell SO GOOD

  14. All natural is the way to go! I would totally use these with my little ones.

  15. Looks like a great product. Mine are too old for this, but will pass it along to our neighbor that has a newborn!

  16. All natural cleansing is the way to go!

  17. We’ve used Mustela for years (and loved it) 2/3 of my kids have pretty bad excema

  18. This is a great line of products for babies! I love that these are natural as well!

  19. My 5 year old has eczema and it can be nasty during the winter time. I have never tried this product. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Going to check this out, I’m always looking for new products for my son.

  21. This is awesome. I am exstatic that more companies are coming out with stuff that is safer, maybe we can put those other businesses that use harmful stuff out of business with products like this.

  22. This is awesome. I am ecstatic that more companies are coming out with stuff that is safer, maybe we can put those other businesses that use harmful stuff out of business with products like this.

  23. those look great! good baby shower gifts too

  24. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    Natural products are really important to me, especially when it comes to babies. Glad to see this is available now.

  25. Oh my, this brings back memories. I used Mustela on my son when he was a baby, and loved the clean scent so much I started buying it for myself! Love it!

  26. I especially love the idea of the facial wipes for on the fly cleaning. Great idea, especially since it’s natural.

  27. When I was pregnant 7 yrs ago with my oldest my husband bought me this stretch mark cream from Mustela! It really did help my stomach to stretch without getting any marks. Love this brand.

  28. I was the same with my kids, I didn’t really look into the ingredient on the products I chose. Love this kind though, passing this link onto my friend who just had a baby!

  29. I had no idea that Mustela made a Stretch Marks Care Oil! I totally could have used this when pregnant with my daughter.

  30. I too am so glad I am more educated on baby/kid care items these days! I shudder at the things I used to not know back then about chemicals!

  31. I have never heard of this product but it seem really great. I might need to try this for my daughter.

  32. Chemical free and all natural products are a huge deal for me. I’ve not heard of Mustela before, but will definitely be checking it out. Tear free is awesome!

  33. Sharing this with a friend who just had a baby. Thanks

  34. They did not have that hydrastick when my kids were babies. I think my kids would love that now, too.

  35. I was so happy when more choices entered the marketplace beyond the J&J standards my mom used. This is a great product line and one I’d definitely buy if we have another baby.

  36. I like that they have natural ingredients. Would love to try the hydra-stick

  37. My daughter had such problem skin after she was born, I wish I had known about these products then!

  38. I love that stuff. I got some from the Gearapalooza and carry it around with me in my purse. I love that it’s all natural! My kids have very sensitive skin.

  39. I love natural skin care products. Good to hear of these.

  40. My younges brother also had eczema, and some allergies. my Mom had a horrible time finding things that wouldn’t cause a reaction.

  41. love mustela!! paraben free is the way to go!

  42. I’ve never heard of this brand before, but they sound pretty good! My son had eczema when he born and nothing really helped until it went away on it’s own. I’m glad this option is available!

  43. I have never heard of this product before. My youngest would probably benefit from this since he has really sensitive skin. I’ll have to keep a look out for it at CVS.

  44. My sister has a preemie in the hospital and I have been looking at what I can get her for the baby once she comes home. It looks like Mustela would be a great option for her fragile skin!

  45. I am going to look into these products. My daughter’s skin has been a bit dry lately.

  46. Eczema is such a problem it is wonderful you have discovered a product that is gentle and doesn’t cause a reaction. Great review.

  47. I’ll have to try this!

  48. I love natural based products. Especially when it comes to something I’m going to put on my baby’s sensitive skin!

  49. One of my twins has more sensitive skin so we look for natural products. I haven’t heard of this one but will have to check it out – thanks for the great review!

  50. Sounds like an awesome line of products! I am always looking for skin care products that are gentle on sensitive skin, so I’m going to have to check Mustela out.

  51. I’m going to have to check Mustela out. My oldest has a horrible case of eczema and we’re constantly trying to find something that doesn’t irritate her skin. Thanks for sharing.

  52. These sound like excellent products. I should get them for my hubby’s super sensitive skin!

  53. I have never heard of this brand. I love that it is natural.

  54. I hope this works for you to get the challenges areas soft. My youngest has a hard time w/his elbows. They’re always bumpy and rough. I wonder if this would work for them.

  55. It is very important to take good care of our babies’ skin. It makes so much of their lives easier.

  56. Mustela is amazing. I used it for a while during my pregnancy and then afterwards and on my daughter too and it felt nothing like other lotions.

  57. This sounds like a fabulous option for those of us with super sensitive skin! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  58. First time I hear about this brand but it sounds and looks like it has some really great products. I hope I can find some next time I go to the supermarket so I can try for myself.

  59. I have never heard of this brand! Thank you for introducing it to me. I’m 5 weeks away from baby #2!

  60. My friend only uses those! Great review.

  61. Mustela is such a wonderful product! Their entire line is top quality.

  62. I’ve never heard of Mustela, but I’m always looking for fabulous products for my friends that seem to keep having babies! Now I have a new product for my list of gifts.

  63. I love natural products! Mustela sounds like a wonderful line 🙂

  64. Thanks for sharing; loved your review… Mustela products are awesome.. I’ve used them for my daughter for a few months now and wish we had them sooner.. Love that they are all natural, too…

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