Spruce Up Any Room With Armstrong Residential Ceilings – WIN a $2500 Room Makeover #MC

 “I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Armstrong Residential Ceilings. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.”


When my husband and I went house hunting 8 years ago I had a list of what I did not want. On that list was no popcorn ceilings! I was relieved when we had our house built and the builder did not use popcorn on our ceiling! Whew! Even though it doesn’t have popcorn  on the ceiling it still has a texture that is the same as our walls which is better than popcorn ceiling but is not  my first choice. 


We have a few projects on our list of remodeling this year: take out the master bathroom tub and replace it with a walk in shower, convert half of our garage into our homeschool room and spruce up our outside landscaping. I would love to have the planks design that Armstrong Residential Ceiling offers, I think it would be a nice addition that would match our flooring.  


Armstrong Residential Ceilings can transform any space in your home with their beautiful ceilings and walls collections.  Offering a wide selection of affordable, decorative ceiling styles that fit a range of budgets and décors and serve as easy and effective ways to give any room a face-lift. 


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From February 4th through March 15th, enter for a chance to win a $2,500 room makeover grand prize (including an Armstrong ceiling, installation credit, and a $1,000 Lowe’s gift card) in Armstrong Residential Ceilings’ “Style Is Looking Up” Giveaway. Additionally, each week through March 15th, Armstrong Residential Ceilings will select a winner to receive a $50 Lowe’s gift card.



For a chance to win visit the Armstrong Residential Ceilings Facebook page starting February 4th. If you won this awesome giveaway which Armstrong Residential Ceiling style or design would you chose? 


“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Armstrong Residential Ceilings. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.”


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  1. I absolutely love that look of the tin ceiling. It’s so decorative and pretty! I need a make over so bad!

  2. That isn’t a shabby giveaway!! And that ceiling looks stunning. I would also choose my kitchen!

  3. Oh how I would LOVE to re-do my ceilings. My parents have a tin tile ceiling at their house that is original to the hosue (1912) and it’s amazing.

  4. Wow, how gorgeous! It’s funny how few modern day homes have decorative ceilings, but you’ve just convinced me that I need one! It would be great to win the $2500 to spruce up my kitchen!

  5. That is really cool. I never thought about my ceilings that much. We have an older home and we know the ceilings used to be popcorn, but they were shaved off, so its textured. Much better than popcorn, I agree. The ceiling featured in the picture above looks exquisite. I had no idea that could be done!

  6. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these tin ceiling looks. Such a great look!

  7. I would love to have a ceiling like that, and have a room makeover!! Thanks for sharing about the sweepstakes!!!

  8. Hmm..that looks pretty awesome. LOL – the previous owners had STYROFOAM faux beams on our ceiling. …we took them down…

  9. WOW I love this! And I would totally do something like this! Thanks for the info checking into it!

  10. Never knew they made home ceiling products, always knew the name for flooring.

  11. Boy that ceiling makes such a dramatic change. I would love to do something like that in my house. I really like the wood haven.

  12. I live in an apartment so there’s not much I can do with our ceilings but when we do transition to our own home, I would love to focus on how to make the ceiling more appealing! What a great giveaway!

  13. What a gorgeous ceiling! Love the look of copper.

  14. I’d love that kitchen if the walls were painted differently (I am not a yellow fan). But oh how I’d love to win this sweepstakes!

  15. OH. MY. WORD! That tin ceiling is to die for and looks just fab! Our ceilings are very boring and white…the way we painted them after we stripped wallpaper from them after buying the house! Who decorates with flowery wallpaper??!

  16. That is gorgeous! What a way to completely transform a room.

  17. Wow! What a beautiful ceiling. We are just finishing up having a pipe repair fixed in our ceiling. It might be a good time to try this out.

  18. I have dreamt of a punched tin ceiling forever. and a big farmouse sink.

  19. Love the tin look. What a great giveaway!

  20. Love that ceiling. I am going to have to enter because we we are in the middle of a kitchen remodel right now.Thanks for sharing.

  21. Wow that gives the kitchen a really nice look.

  22. Oh my that ceiling is gorgeous. My mom actually had this in her house and they are just amazing. I would love to have this in my home.

  23. That is some look! I never saw that in a residential kitchen before but it really works.. Unfortunately we have popcorn ceiling in the basement.. i want it gone!

  24. I would get my living room made over. It’s a hot mess!

  25. Ugh! Popcorn ceilings! I am not a fan either but of these gorgeous ceilings, I am!

  26. I have always dreamed of having a ceiling like that! I have an older home and everything cracks after awhile. I would love a chance to win!

  27. I would definitely check out Armstrong Residential Ceilings if I were renovating the ceilings in our home. Thanks for sharing.

  28. Wow, I love the ceiling in that kitchen! It makes the room look super swanky.

  29. That ceiling is stunning! I would love to have something like that!

  30. Wow, fancy! That would definitely change up a room. I need a makeover for our dining room – it’s terrible with low ceilings and horrible lighting.

  31. I never think of doing my ceiling anything special. This is really cool though!

  32. I could definitely use that money to finish our renovations in the bathroom area!!

  33. The ceiling above is beautiful! Gives a room so much character!

  34. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    That ceiling is so pretty! It brings so much pizazz to that room.

  35. We have popcorn ceilings in my house, which was built in the seventies. I would love to get rid of them!

  36. I never knew that you could do that with ceilings. Armstrong has some really awesome products!

  37. My aunt’s kitchen ceiling is very similar to that! I love it! 🙂

  38. Wow! This is fantastic! What a great prize!

  39. I love this.. I bet this would help take care of my popcorn ceiling that is a pain to remove.. I’ve always had ceiling covers in Germany but never seen them in the US…love it; this kitchen is beautiful. Thanks for sharing

  40. This Would Be Awesome Would Love To Win I Need Ceiling Fans!!

  41. Never think about a ceiling really until I see one like THAT!!! Wow… what an amazing look for the room!

  42. That tin ceiling really makes the room! Gorgeous!

  43. That ceiling is absolutely amazing! I would love to spruce up our house. It could use some help.

  44. I love how those ceilings look– I would love tin tiles to really jazz up a space!

  45. those are neat ceiling tiles. I would love to do that to my kitchen.

  46. Oh, I hate my popcorn ceilings. I would love new ones!

  47. Love the ceiling! We owned a house that was built in 1902 for a while and we put ceilings like this in it. I thought they were great.

  48. Chasity Boatman says:

    It looks so expensive and nice!

  49. I would love to have a remodel, but I would have to hire a decorator because I have no sense of design. Unfortunately.

  50. That’s gorgeous…I love ceilings like that!

  51. That kitchen is beautiful!

  52. I love love love pressed tin ceilings. It’s great that they have these resin replicas available now, so we can all have these gorgeous ceilings in our home

  53. What a posh ceiling! It really makes the room look so luxurious!

  54. Wow, gorgeous ceilings! I wish I had my own house to decorate it myself. My dad controls it ALL. Hehehe!

  55. I love the ceiling. I’ve always wanted a ceiling like that! What a great giveaway!

  56. That is beautiful. I love the color

  57. We madly need this for our ceiling is dilapidated already. But I am not a US resident 🙁

  58. Great giveaway!!! I’m also sharing with my mom and sister as they would kill to have those ceilings in the kitchen and dining room!

  59. I love the ceiling! Gorgeous! We have a older home and this would look beautiful in my spare bedroom!

  60. That is an absolutely gorgeous ceiling. I didn’t even realize Armstrong did things like that.

  61. I’m not sure which design I’d choose, but I think we’d put it in the kitchen as part of the makeover we have planned. I worked in a building where theirs were original and I always thought it would be neat to have them in a home some day.

  62. I cannot believe what a dramatic change that ceiling made in a room. I would love to have the wood haven in my house. Very homey.

  63. OH my gosh, that’s a cool looking ceiling. I can’t get hubby to paint ours, so I know he’d be installing that baby…still, it could be worth the work! If I won the makeover, I wouldn’t even have to do it, hehehe. Can’t win it if you’re not in it, right? 🙂

  64. This is such a great sweepstakes! I would love to get a ceiling makeover!!

  65. This is so cool! I have no idea why, but it has never dawned on me to add a little something extra to a room with ceiling tiles, and I love that Armstrong Residential Ceilings is affordable! Now I’m looking up at the ceiling in my living room that I have hated since we bought our house and have all these new, cool ideas in my head!

  66. I wish I wasn’t renting, because this would be awesome! My kitchen ceiling here is so ugly! Best of luck to those who can enter this awesome giveaway!!

  67. I am slowly going through my house remodeling everything.

  68. This is really great look – always reminds me of a fancy restaurant – but it looks good in a house too. This is a fun giveaway. Thanks

  69. I would love to win. I have old ceilings from the 50’s that need a makeover.

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