How To Use An Apple Corer To Make Easy Homemade Potato Wedge Fries



I am always looking for easier ways of doing things. We like homemade french fries in our home. I was taking the potato and slicing them into strips to make homemade french fries but this was way to time consuming. So I came up with a faster solution which takes only a fraction of time to turn a potato into french fries. I started using my apple corer


potato with corer


Place the apple corer under the potato and use like you would on an apple. I even use the center piece as well that would be where the apple seeds come out. If your potato is too big for the apple corer simple cut the potato in half and then use the apple corer to cut into wedges. If the wedges are bigger than you would like just cut them in half as well. 


potato wedges collage


Easy Homemade Potato Wedge Fries
Serves 4
Homemade French Fry Wedges
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  1. 6 potato's any type (I prefer Russert)
  2. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  3. Himalayan Salt
  1. Clean the potato's really well using a vegetable cleaner (i leave the skin on). Next use the apple corer to slice up the potato into wedges. Then place all wedges in a bowl and give a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil the potato's and mix with your fingers so at all the wedges get a good coating of olive oil. Finally bake on 375 degrees for 50 minutes.
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  1. Brilliant! Why have I never thought to do that before lol? That would be a much easier way to slice up nice, even pieces of potato.

  2. This is a really neat idea–I love dual purposing–thanks for the easy peasy step by step instructions too! it helps šŸ™‚ Looking forward to making these soon

  3. Oh my goodness – this is going to change my life! Great idea!

  4. Been doing this for years! Here’s my “short people” trick (I’m only 5’1″ on a good day)…I put the apple (or in this case potato) in a clean sink. Then I press it down with the apple corer. This way I can use my entire upper body at a height I can reach. Otherwise I have to reach up and try to press down and it’s difficult for me.

  5. This is such a great idea! I hate cutting the potatoes for stews and recipes. This will work great.

  6. Great idea & those look fantastic. I love all thing potato. Yum!

  7. That is a great idea. I might not have thought to use an apple corer for potatoes.

  8. What a great idea! A big time saver over cutting them one at a time!

  9. Well, I never thought of that. Awesome idea!

  10. I love this! What a fab way to cut down on prep time!

  11. This is such a great idea! We love making fries at home too and usually buy the frozen ones. I like thud idea much better!

  12. IT sounds delish! I need to try it!

  13. This is an amazing idea! If you can believe it, I have prepared potatoes just about every way except wedges! Now I have no excuse, lol. Thank you for the great tip šŸ™‚

  14. Great idea!! And I honestly needed to learn this!! I have an apple corer and I have never used it!!

  15. This is such a great idea! It’s one of those ideas where you wonder why didn’t I think of that!

    I love it.

  16. Great idea for doing wedges! Thanks for sharing.

  17. That is a great idea! I have always wanted an apple corer and now that I know it can do this, too, I really should get one.

  18. I LOVE my apple corer. Why have I never thought about doing this?! This is such a great idea, and a big time saver! We go through a lot of potatoes in this house, so I am definitely going to have to try this now. What else can I cut with my apple corer??

  19. We use that apple corer all the time and never thought about using it for potatoes.. what a great idea!

  20. This is a palm to forehead moment! I never thought to use my apple corer for this and it is perfect!

  21. Could not live without my apple slicer, well I could but with some additional cuts on my fingers! I love this idea!

  22. That is such a neat idea. I hate slicing potatoes for fries. What a time saver!

  23. Umm, seriously, this is genius! I never thought to use an apple corer. šŸ˜€

  24. That’s a great idea! We need to get a new, more durable one, because ours is completely bent and well loved!

  25. I have never used my apple corer for anything but apples. Love this idea!

  26. They look so good! I need to get one!

  27. That’s a great idea! I have one of those. I will try it tonight for dinner.

  28. Such a simple easy idea that I’ve never thought of before! lol DUH! ha thanks for sharing!

  29. BTW, I’m making these tonight!!! SO AWESOME.

  30. I would have never thought of the apple corer to make wedge fries! Great idea, and the wedge fries sure do look tasty!

  31. Great idea! I never thought of using it for pototatoes.

  32. huh. never would have thought to use an apple slicer. I wonder if I still have mine?

  33. What an awesome idea and something that I will be trying out soon! We usually always make our own fries at home too.

  34. What a fantastic idea! I hate cutting potatoes, and this will make it so easy!

  35. Aside from just fries, that would be great for any recipe that needs potatoes… mainly for uniformity in cooking. As a bonus, the sizes would be about the same and for those of us who count calories, it makes figuring out calories easier.

  36. Seriously, WHY have i never though to use an apple corer to cut up my fries? What a time saver! We cook up homemade potato wedges all the time. This is so going to save me a ton of time.

  37. Brilliant! I never in a million years thought about this!!!

  38. That is really cool! I’ll have to try that!

  39. why have i never thought to do this?! i never use that tool to actually core apples. LOL

  40. Brilliant! I can’t wait to try this later this week. It will save so much time!

  41. That is a great idea. I don’t have an apple corer but I need to get one. I actually dislike chopping potatoes.

  42. That’s such a great idea!!! I love wedges, too!

  43. Our family LOVES fried potatoes. I should really get an apple corer to make my life simpler!

  44. This is exactly how we enjoy our homemade potato wedges! šŸ™‚ I love my apple corer not just for apple pie but for fresh french fries at home too. šŸ™‚

  45. Can’t believe I never thought about using the apple corer for potatoes! Great idea!

  46. I never thought about using my apple slicer for potatoes! Love it! Thanks for the idea.

  47. Awesome idea! Leave it to a multitasking mom to come up with a time-saving kitchen trick! šŸ™‚

  48. what a great and simple timesaving idea!

  49. What a great idea! Those look so yummy and I love that they are easy to make.

  50. Ok, so if my kids didn’t want totally thin fries than I would so do this! It would save so much time!

  51. What a clever idea! Thanks for visiting Night Owl Corner….just stopping by to check out your blog too!

  52. Great idea!!! I’ll have to try this out. They look YUMMY too!

  53. It really would cut down on some time in prep. Thanks for the tip!

  54. Not a bad idea!! I never thought to use an apple corer to do this!!

  55. What a great idea! These look so yummy. I love how there is more surface area to get crispy!

  56. Ooo! I roast potatoes all the time, and this look so much quicker than slicing them with a knife! Thanks for sharing.

  57. That is an awesome idea! I always struggle cutting the potatoes nicely and many times I end up with little cuts so this would be my savior šŸ™‚

  58. I’ve done that a few times before – such a time-saver! What I really would like is the metal fry-cutter that my Gram always used when I was growing up. Not even sure they make them anymore, but it made quick work of potatoes!

  59. This is one of those tips that I wish I would have come up with! It is great!

  60. Awesome idea! My husband found one of those potato fries slicers a couple of months ago. But I love this idea for a variation of fries. My kids love homemade fries!

  61. I use my apple corer all the time but I never thought to use it with a potato! This is such a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  62. Easy, delicious, and fast too!! I love it! šŸ™‚

  63. ah! how did i not think of this before– thanks for the great tip!

  64. this is an ahha moment, I never thought of that! what a great idea!

  65. You just made my life so much easier! Awesome idea!!!!

  66. We have an apple corer and I think it is one of the best inventions ever.

  67. What a great idea. I never thought to use my apple corer like that.

  68. Wow I Bet These Are Tasty!!!1

  69. You area genius. Why haven’t I thought of this?

  70. That is such an awesome idea. I have to try it.

  71. What a super easy recipe and great for last minute! Using the apple slicer was an awesome idea!

  72. so simple, what a great idea!

  73. Great idea and shows how useful those “one use” tools really can be. I use mine with apples all the time, but I’ll definitely be trying this! You’re a featured project this week and being shared on Pinterest & Twitter too. Be sure to grab a Featured On button from the button page. Thanks for linking to the Craftastic Monday party at Sew Can Do!

  74. Ronald O. says:

    What a great idea! We’ll have to try this. Thanks for sharing!

  75. Birdiebee says:

    Awesome idea. I would never have thought to do this. Thank you for sharing this!

  76. This is great! Would love this recipe to use and make as a snake

  77. It makes sense to use the corer. I see that it did a fantastic job making the wedge fries. I am going to try this out.

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