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We recently went to a sea turtle rescue center with some friends. Inside they have tanks filled with sea creatures. I was amazed at the Horse Conch. It was fully out of it’s shell crawling along the bottom of the tank. The workers said that it hardly ever comes out like it does in these below photo’s. 

horse conch collage

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  1. Very effective, I thought it was someone with a mask on at first LOL

    Have a shelltastic week πŸ˜‰

  2. That’s really cool! Thanks for sharing! I’ve seen the shells, but never with the critter in them.

  3. That’s kinda creepy looking!! lol

  4. Amy Desrosiers says:

    Wow, I actually eat these and had no idea what they looked like! They are such a beautiful creature!

  5. That’s so neat. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like that before.

  6. That’s a really unusual looking shell.

  7. I’m going to have to write myself a note so I can join your Almost Wednesday group next week. I have never seen a Horse Conch. This looks like a fascinating place to visit. I’ll have to try and discover some areas around my home for my husband and I to visit.

  8. I love this! I think it is so great that you were able to see the Horse Conch! I would have loved to have seen it.

  9. That is so cool! He totally gives me the tummy flips. You can just tell he would have that squishy funky muscle-y feel to him.

  10. I don’t think I have ever seen one alive before.

  11. We just visited our Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay and didn’t find anything that cool! I would love to see one….

  12. That is so cool… Would love to see the Horse Conch, you have some nice shots ….
    Have a nice day!

  13. Wow! That’s really neat. I’m so glad you had a camera ready.

  14. That is such a strange creature! I’ve never seen one before.

  15. That is such a bizarre sea creature and unlike anything I have seen.

  16. Ok, that is so super cool! I love how it looks like he’s sticking his tongue out!

  17. Haha I thought it was someone with a mask too! I couldn’t figure out what it was!

  18. How cool that you got to see the horse conch out like that!

  19. I have shells of these animals. There are lots of them in the Pacific coast here in Ecuador. We even found one with the animal inside. The shells are really beautiful!

  20. That’s so interesting, and cool! I’d take a ton of pictures to.

  21. What a rare treat! πŸ™‚

  22. That’s so cool looking!

  23. We have seen horse conches in aquariums. They are fascinating to watch.

  24. Very cool photos! I love sea critters!

  25. Love the pictures! The colors are beautiful.

  26. Wow, I have never heard of a horse conch. It is beautiful in an ugly way.

  27. That’s amazing! It almost look like a tongue hanging out of the first photo.

  28. i’ve never seen a conch out of its shell! only um… in chowder or the shells

  29. That is so crazy looking! I would love to see one up close like that. It’s huge!

  30. Wow, such a cool photograph! Happy W.W.

  31. Whoa!!! That’s so cool. Having seen conch shells empty my whole life, it’s easy to forget a creature actually lives in there!

  32. How cool… I love sea creatures like that.. aren’t they fascinating?? Thanks for sharing, you sure got some awesome shots

  33. I have never even heard of the Horse Conch before, let alone seen one. Neat photos!

  34. That is soooo cool!

  35. How amazing. Did they tell you why they thought it might be wandering about more on this particular day than others?

  36. That is really neat! My kids would love it!

  37. Ive never seen a horse conch…..So it is normally that big? I probably would have stood there watching it for so long LOL Thanks for sharing

  38. That is so neat! What an amazing thing to see!

  39. Wow!!
    A whole other view!
    Happy WW!

  40. Wow, that is VERY cool! I’ve never seen one of these before!

  41. Wow! I’ve always enjoyed sea life and have never seen a conch before. Very cool! Thanks for sharing!

  42. That is really neat. Never seen one like that.

  43. Truly amazing… I think it is really cool.

  44. Cool! This reminds me that I want to take my son to the Baltimore Aquarium this spring!

  45. That is too cool! I’ve never seen one before…

  46. love that! Horse conch, rite…I should look for it on my next diving trip :)…check frond oysters on my WW this week. Cheers from Indonesia..

  47. Wow! What a neat photo!

  48. Wow, that is wild! There is so much amazing ocean life, and so much yet undiscovered!

  49. You were there at the exact right time. That is a cool thing to see and I would suspect, pretty rare.

  50. Wow that is amazing …. so colorful!

  51. There are some amazing creatures in the sea. That’s cool and lucky that you actually got to see it so fully out of it’s shell.

  52. Wow! How lucky to have seen that.

  53. That is pretty cool. It looks so big in the pictures!

  54. Wow, how amazing is that! It looks so big in the pictures.

  55. So that’s how it looks like up close πŸ™‚

  56. wow…I don’t think I’ve ever seen a shell while it was still a home… πŸ™‚

  57. That creature looks crazy, like a pretend or sci-fi animal!

  58. That is amazing!!

  59. that is cool!

  60. Amazing! Impressive that God made them. Cool.

  61. That is very cool! I had never heard of a horse conch! I love how interesting it cools.

  62. I have never seen a horse conch. It doesn’t look anything like a horse. Why is it called a horse conch?
    On another note, how lucky you guys were to see it come out of its shell!

  63. Beautiful shot!

    Happy Wordless Wednesday! My entry is here .

  64. I have never heard of one of these. It looks kind of cool though.

  65. Wow! That’s really cool. It’s crazy all the different kinds of creatures in the ocean!

  66. Wow, you’ve got it really close. Happy WW.

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