1. I have never thought of using a hot plate to keep sauces warm. What a great idea.

  2. We absolutely LOVE Deals and are lucky enough to have a Deals located just down the street from us. I love the idea of a ice cream social on a budget and out local Deals always has the best ice cream so what a perfect place to pick up supplies!

  3. How fun! These are great ideas. I have been wanting to do this for my son’s birthday party.

  4. I try to do everything on a budget. I have a couple of those very small slow cookers that are great for warming things like hot fudge sauce.

  5. This is a cool post; I love ice cream. I am going to host one of these during the summer… never been to an ice cream social.

  6. I never thought of using a hot plate either. Great idea! I want an ice cream party.

  7. An ice cream social is a great idea. I know a little girl that would love this. I don’t think I have a Deals near me. I will have to look them up.

  8. Love the hot plate tip. Would never have thought of it and it makes so much sense.

  9. That definitely does sound like fun!

  10. Ice cream social? Count me in!! Dollar Tree has awesome deals!

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