His Very Own Fashion Statement! Wordless Wednesday

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Our two year old son hates to wear clothing and shoes. If we go somewhere the first thing he does when he gets home is take everything off exept for his diaper. A few weeks ago my husband and I  with the kids were playing outside and our two year old refused to wear clothing except for his diaper and rain boots. Figured it was fine since he was only in our driveway. Guess he is making his own fashion statement!


LFL fashion



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  1. Ha! Adorable!!

  2. Haha too cute! My daughter is like that sometimes :p

  3. All my children have been the same. My eldest once put on a pair of wellies (rain boots) and nothing else *at all* and declared himself ready for his pre-school trip to the farm. My 3yo daughter will only get dressed if she’s leaving the house, and even then it sometimes takes persuasion. Otherwise, she will insist on being stark naked in the house.

  4. Diaper and boots. Well not every toddler can pull that off. Wait, yes they can. Wish I could do that some days. πŸ˜‰ Just kidding.

  5. Oh, gosh, I remember those day with all six of mine. Mine got so cozy and the grandparents’ houses, that they would strip there, too.

  6. My toddler hates wearing clothes too! She always wants to strip down to nothing when we’re home!

  7. He can get away with that for now. Hopefully he’ll outgrow it by the time he’s twenty.


  8. He’s so very adorable! πŸ™‚

    Happy Wordless Wednesday! My entry is here.

  9. LOL Good thing you don’t live up here in Canada!

  10. Oh he’d be cold if he lived up here! I love that he still has rain boots on though!

  11. he is so adorable…

  12. OMG! Such a cutie!

    Have a fantastic week!

    WW is up here

  13. Ha! Love it. My boys both want to be stripped down too. My 5 year old will go check the mail in his underwear. I swear my neighbors must think we don’t have any clothing for him. The funniest is when the trash man comes and he runs out to wave in his underwear.

  14. I believe it’s very fashionable for toddlers! πŸ™‚

  15. such a cute statement indeed! :D…love the boots…

  16. LOL. I have a 3 year old like that. They’re independent spirits!

  17. LOL, what a charmer!!!

  18. Too cute. I can’t imagine he’d want to do that outside here in Maine though! Brrrrrr

  19. LOL! My son used to do the same thing and love being naked!

  20. Nothing wrong with wearing only diaper and rain boots around the house. I remember when that was pretty much all ours would wear, too. However, I don’t think they ever wanted to go out in public completely without a modest dress code, say a shirt at least to go with his/her diaper. Happy WW!

  21. my son lived in a pair of snow boots for a full year paired with his sisters winter hat with a pom pom and a big red apple on it. i don’t have any pics of him with both things on but i do have pics of him with the boots. that’s not a battle i fight- LOL

  22. Ha! Love the boots! πŸ™‚

  23. Sometimes we just have to let them be. I think it;s awesome!

  24. My oldest daughter lived in a diaper and no clothes when I lived in south Florida….She does always wear clothes now! πŸ˜‰

  25. What a cutie!

  26. That’s funny. My oldest was like that. He hated clothes and would take them off every chance he got.

  27. Love it!
    It must be “that age” as my little girl does the same thing!
    She’s what we refer to as seasonally challenged.
    She can be found wearing shorts, rubber boots and a winter hat.

  28. I love the age where you can do this and everyone just thinks it is adorable!

  29. Ha, ha, ha… my little ones used to hate clothing, so they lived in diapers alone… love the boots!

  30. He’s too cute!!

  31. My granddaughter started her own undie movement when she was younger…

  32. That is just too cute! My son used to do the same thing. He loved to run around in his diaper and a plastic bucket on his head.

  33. I think your son is WONDERFUL! He’s so cute and he’s very appropriately dressed for the occasion!

  34. oh my goodness- he is absolutely adorable!!!!

  35. Amy Desrosiers says:

    LOL! Your little one has the same sense of style as mine! When they get older we shal see what they think…haha!

  36. Thanks for the smile! Right away when the pic came up I smiled! Love the boots!

  37. That is just adorable! I love those boots!

  38. He is just too cute! My son used to want to wear just his diaper, too!

  39. haha so cute! All you really need are boots anyway.

  40. That’s a great fashion statement! You couldn’t do that here, we have over a foot of snow and -9 degrees! But he’s adorable.

  41. It’s like okay Mom… see I didn’t cross the street (I want too), but I didn’t cross. See! LOL Too cute!

  42. OHH I am going to say next wednesday to do wordless wednesday with you! Thank you so much for sharing! My toddler does the same thing and my family gets so angry thinking I am not dressing him. I tell them he is dressed AND five minutes later he is not!

  43. 2 year olds are the best! And this never goes away…like at 3 they get wierd and start putting 9 pieces of clothing on. Its so funny all the way up. My daughter is 8 and still cant match. See mom..this red flower on this dress matches my socks.


  44. Adorable! Our daughter LOVES wearing her cowgirl boots around the house … sometimes in just her diaper!

  45. Little ones are so cute when they dress themselves. You just never know what they will come up with!

  46. So cute!!! Toddlers do have a style unto themselves!

  47. Too cute! I love it!

  48. Yeah, what a fashion statement πŸ™‚ Good that he is comfortable with himself. That is so important!

  49. He is just too cute. My BFF in high school had a baby sister who hated to wear clothes. I remember she was cheering at a football game and she started pointing and yelling “Grab Kimberly” I looked up just in time to see baby Kimberly sprinting by without a stitch of clothes on. She was like 2, but we still torment her with that story.

  50. haha. those are the photos you pull out at prom time… πŸ™‚

  51. HA! LOVE THIS! What a cutie!

  52. I was gonna wear the EXACT outfit today. JK funny boy with no pants!
    My entry is #63. Come by and vote for us 1 last time?

  53. This is too funny! My daughter used to do the same thing!

  54. He’s a little dude who appreciates comfort and who can fault him for that?!

  55. Haha…this is hilarious. We have a friend whose son will only wear rain boots all the time.

  56. lol…this sounds comfortable, if immodest. lol Too cute!

  57. this is just too cute.. your lucky though that he leaves his diaper on my 14 mos old daughter will leave shirts and dresses on but she takes off all her bottoms lol… my husband is forever getting after her..

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