Duracell Quantum Batteries – A Guarantee For 10 Years!

“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Duracell. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.”



In our home we go through a lot of batteries, I mean A LOT! Imagine five kids with toys need I say more? There are times I buy the cheap brands to save a dollar but when I do the battery’s life span is very short and then I have to buy more so I do not bother purchasing cheap batteries anymore. We need batteries that will last. Last with five kids who may forget to turn a toy off or for myself who takes several pictures a day using a camera that takes 4 AA batteries.  Just in time for Christmas with all the toys children receive and most of them require batteries. 



Duracell has just come out with a battery; Quantum. 


Product Features: 


The Quantum is combined with a Hi-Density Core and PowerCheck, it’s a Quantum leap in battery power.  


The only battery with Hi-Density Core Technology for unbeatable long-lasting power.  


Only battery with PowerCheck. Instantly check your power level at any time. 


Offers Duralock Power Preserve Technology.  Guaranteed for 10 years in storage.


 With its revolutionary Hi-­‐Density CoreTM and proprietary PowerCheckTM power indicator on the cell, Quantum has been engineered to deliver the performance consumers demand. 

Sounds amazing right?  My kids will be happy because their toys will last longer and so will I because they will not be asking me to replace batteries in their toys so frequently. No more fumbling in my husbands tool box for screw drivers to open the toys to replace batteries almost daily!


Duracell is donating one million Duracell Quantum batteries to first responders across North America because they need and deserve it the most.  Putting
Quantum power in the hands of Quantum heroes. These extraordinary first responders who go beyond the call of duty. So to celebrate our nation’s first
responders, Duracell is telling stories of sacrifice and heroism with a documentary-­‐style video series called Quantum Heroes Presented by Duracell.



 What a great cause to support our hero’s who need it the most! kudos to Duracell!  Follow #QuantumHeros on Facebook for news and updates.



“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Duracell. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.”


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  1. None of my batteries last what I consider a reasonable amount of time. Least in my mouse (or is that mice?) haha. I have learned to turn of the mouse when I walk away from the computer, thereby saving the life expectancy of the battery.

  2. The holiday season is battery buying time for us. AA AAA and C are our batteries of choice! LOL

  3. These batteries sound absolutely amazing… 10 years? Really??? wow, thank you

  4. I would love to have batteries that last that long! We use a lot of batteries at Halloween and Christmas. I try to remember to take them out of whatever contraption they were in, but I don’t always remembe.

  5. I don’t know which I love more – longer lasting batteries or a company that donates to first responders.

  6. Duracell can’t be beat! Long lasting!

  7. We go through a lot of batteries too. I am going to have to check this out.

  8. We go through a lot of batteries in our home too. Duracells really do last a long time!

  9. I participated in this campaign as well. I wanted to post about Duracell because I love that they donated batteries to first responders!

  10. We have so many batteries that it’s unreal!

  11. This is the first time I’m hearing about these, they sound incredible! 10 years? Wow!

  12. The donation to firefighters is a wonderful thing. I can’t argue with the value in that!

  13. I love that they donate batteries to first responders and that they last so long! Wow! I need these for my Wii remotes!

  14. Duracell quantum batteries last for 10 years, sign me up for some. I need a second mortgage to pay for all the batteries around here. How great is it that they donate to first responders. As a nurse I say thanks.

  15. AWESOME.. when I grew up in Germany we had batteries that had a power check and I had been telling my hubby about it for years he thought I’m crazy.. Sooo glad they finally have them here.. it’s a life saver, especially if the kids mix up batteries and you don’t know if they are old or new…We like Duracell, thanks for sharing

  16. Duracell has great batteries, I am going to have to check out this new battery!

  17. I definitely need some of these batteries.

  18. I love Duracell batteries! Duracell is the only brand that I will buy especially for my children’s toys!

  19. I always buy Duracell as they do last forever and are such great batteries. I keep them on hand for replacing batteries in my alarms.

  20. We’re using those batteries now and they work great!

  21. We’re already a Duracell family so I’ll be looking into these !

  22. I got these batteries, too, and love that they are long lasting! And kudos to them for what they do to help our our local heroes!

  23. Wow – I didn’t realize that these lasted 10 years! That’s amazing!

  24. I never have the batteries i need in my house that i need. This is amazing.

  25. That is very cool that they are donating batteries to first responders! I have to call 911 from time time for my diabetic husband so I really have a deep appreciation for the men and women who put in long hours th save lives!

  26. Stacey Roberson says:

    Finally! A battery that lasts longer is definitely what we need in our house. With so many baby toys that take batteries, we go through quite a bit.

  27. I hate buying batteries we are a family of 7 so we go thru a lot of them also.. I will have to try these…

  28. These are instantly going on my Buy List for now and Christmas! My Kiddies need batteried for EVERYthing…game controllers, toys, etc. Not to mention our normal household things that are battery run…Great Review! Thanks for sharing!

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