How Not To Have Homeschool Burn Out

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I have been homeschooling for four years. Homeschooling is not just children learning but us homeschooling parents too! Homeschooling all year-long has taken a toll on my children and I. We got burned out! Honestly I was starting to yes a word I do not like to say — hate homeschooling! Homeschooling all year round with our full curriculum during the school year and during the summer, handwriting, math and reading. Now don’t get me wrong all year-long we go on homeschool field trips, play dates, classes and other fun-filled educational things but still that is not really a break.


My homeschool friends  have been encouraging me to take a break but the thought of that made me anxious. Will I be behind and what if I do not get everything done?  Even not doing homeschool over the weekend and trying to get the kids back on track for a new homeschool week is difficult, they just simply do not want to homeschool. Honestly I can understand why, I have nothing to prove. I am not just saying this because I am their mom, they are smart and are on track.


I had enough and I decided to rest…………… Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! We took last week off and I have a new love for homeschool. Nervous about starting back up but I know we are rested. I am tweaking our schedule and trying not to do 7 subjects a day – my oldest is only 8!  So as we do Florida history for the year I will not just read to my kids and give them worksheets. We will be doing cooking, crafts and field trips that coincide with our learning.


Last week was a time where I just enjoyed my kids. Not even feeling guilty for taking a break — complete peace in my decision.  At first I thought I needed to schedule play dates for the week and then I decided that I didn’t need to do that, I wanted to spend the time with them, all of the time! No arguing that we need to do school, not being chained to a schedule just having plain ol’ fun!

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So what did we do?

Bubble Wrap Art, the park, got our haircuts, played board games, played Lincoln Logs, spend the day with my parents at Gumbo Limbo and went out to lunch, went on a homeschool field trip where the kids did a nature walk and looked for bugs, dipnetted, did Picasso masterpieces of themselves then ate at Chick-fil-A with friends, went to the library, went to the playground and had an old-fashioned picnic with a blanket on the ground.  We did a lot and I think my kids and I will treasure those moments forever verses who was Miles Standish?


I strongly think breaks are a must!!!!! Let me say it again, I strongly agree breaks are a must! Yes, this is coming from someone who did homeschooling on Thanksgiving! No more! I believe God has given me the direction of taking time off. We will be taking off  Thanksgiving and the major holidays AND we will be taking off a week every 6 weeks or so.  When we are homeschooling we will accomplish what we need to get done with no worries about taking time off.


Not only do I think that homeschoolers need breaks but I think we need to be more relaxed. Do not be stressed out if you do not get it all done in one day. One of the beautiful things about homeschooling is the flexibility! So what you do not finish do the next day and so forth.


I know moms who have put their kids back in public school because of burn out,  the track I was on that was going to be me. Homeschool moms take heed because burn out happens. My prayer is that homeschoolers enjoy schooling and their children and not resent it. Our kids are only little once and they grow so fast that if we blink too long they are grown up and moved out. So enjoy homeschooling, it’s a blessing!  Please homeschoolers if you have any questions please feel free to contact me, if you need encouraging and/or prayer over your homeschooling let me know. It’s not an easy job, many think it’s easy but it’s one of the most difficult jobs out there!


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  1. I don’t homeschool, yet. I’m considering it though!

  2. I think all homeschooling Moms are rock stars. I could never, ever do it. Keep at it!

  3. It sounds like taking a break was wonderful. I love the activities that you did.

  4. You are amazing! I could never in a million years homeschool!!!

  5. I think there is nothing wrong with taking breaks and it does add new enthusiasm. Some of the most educational moments occur during play!

  6. Great information! you definitely have to keep things interesting.

  7. I’ve been considering homeschooling, too! I don’t think it could happen with my given situation for at least another 4-6 years though.

  8. You know, I think that your break came at just the right time. My kids have a break at least once a month for at least a day, sometimes a few. I think it’s a great idea to take a deep breath and just “be”. I can’t even imagine homeschooling and I totally give you props for doing it!

  9. My husband and all of his siblings were homeschooled by my in-laws with a very strict Christian curriculum. WAY to go!

  10. I always considered homeschooling, it is something that would be great to do, thanks for this post.

  11. I’ve never home schooled before, however, I’ve had my share of Parent/Teacher meetings and I cannot imagine how much work it takes to home school. Glad you found a moment to breathe – I would imagine it is needed to be 100% for your children … and hubby for that matter!

  12. I haven’t done Home schooling yet and I keep hearing so many great things about it.. I am actually considering it now 🙂

  13. How wonderful that you’ve been so honest and that you’ve offered to help others who might be in the same boat. That is very generous of you!!

  14. It’s good you took the time to deal with getting burned out. Like you said homeschooling can be a lot of work but it also has some good points. Just have to find right balance for your family and you.

  15. Wow homeschooling would be hard! not sure i could do it!

  16. I would definitely get burnt out, and fast. I really wish I had it in me to homeschool, kudos to you, I think you were made for this!

  17. Awww, so glad you got a nice break and that you came back refreshed – everyone needs a break sometimes!

  18. My SIL homeschools her 8 children and I have no idea how she doesn’t get burnt out from teaching them all but I’m pretty sure utilizes some of your tips like taking breaks and such.

  19. Like anything in life, you spend too much time emotionally and physically invested, you will always hit burn out. Remembering to take breaks is always important to keep the love flowing. At least it is for me with working from home with the kids jumping all around me. 😀

  20. We’ve been homeschooling for 3 months. Some days I wonder what on earth I was thinking. Others I’m so grateful to have my boys home with me.

  21. I give so much credit to the mothers that homeschool! It has to be so difficult sometimes, taking a break is good for everyone involved. 🙂

  22. I do not homeschool but my neighbor does and I admire her. It is not easy . Those are great tips

  23. We are homeschoolers as well. We go year round, but we do take short breaks throughout the year, to help avoid burnout. I can’t imagine going 4 years without at least a week off! You go, girl!

  24. we don’t homeschool, but i guess burnout is a real issue

  25. Great advice!

  26. Sometimes a break for me doesn’t even feel like a break. But I do deserve everyone needs it. It’s the only way from completely burning out. These are definitely great tips and it’s so nice that you really expressed your emotions to us. Thank you!

  27. Homeschooling is cool! I really think that it is always good to take breaks from anything to relight the fire of interest.

  28. I agree, sometimes breaks are very important.
    I didn’t even realize until about 2 years ago that homeschooling could be done in this area, or that it required lesson plans.

  29. While I don’t homeschool, I can totally understand the fear of “underachievement”. The responsibility must feel even more when you are the one educating your kids. Thanks for sharing this insightful post with Afterschool!

  30. I could just imagine how inevitable burn-out is with homeschooling. I love the idea of breaks for both the kids and the parent. Way to go mama!

  31. Sounds like the break did you a world of good and looks like you had great fun! 🙂

  32. Oh my gosh I thought I was Type A, lol! We are kindred spirits. Yes we decided that we will take off the month of Mid – May to Mid- July. It’ll give me time to plan for the next year. However, we have been so efficient with our current mostly out of the box curriculum that we will be completely finish it the first week of March? Yikes! So I’ll be using Mar-May for tightening up, review, and testing out new curriculum that I’ve wanted to explore.

  33. I think you have some great advice here. If only classroom teachers had the same option! I could have used a few more breaks when I was teaching. Sometimes everyone just needs to stop and enjoy each other. That’s important advice for us non-homeschooling moms as well. Thanks for sharing at After School!

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