Starting Off the School Year With Wet Ones



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Summer has been over for my family, we started back to our homeschool schedule four weeks ago. With that brings a full schedule of schooling, field trips, Awana’s, Bible Studies, play dates and so on. One of the first things that comes to my mind with all of the business comes lots of  germs! The thought of it makes me cringe!

As a homeschool mom I planned far enough in advance, making sure we have all our our curriculum and school supplies (paper, art supplies, pencils, pencil sharpener and Wet Ones) so that we were ready to go at the beginning of August to start our new year.

wetones with curriculum

Normally each day of our schooling is a full day plus other activities such as co-ops or church functions. So sometimes we take a break and go on nature walks. I find that first hand experiences are more memorable verses sitting at a desk  and using books. On our nature walk we bring a bag with our binoculars, a nature journal, pencil and colored pencils, water and our Wet Ones.  My kids like to pick things up and observe them closely which is good and bad. Good because they get a close up look and bad because of the dirt and grime that’s where the Wet Ones come in handy!


4-28-13 025 I always carry Wet Ones in my diaper bag for on the go not just for homeschooling purposes but because I have FIVE kids! With 5 kids brings quite a bit of messes!  I have even ran out of diaper wipes and have used Wet Ones in a pinch too!  My four year old has asthma so it’s essential to keep her hands clean especially since she likes to suck here thumb and if she touches things that someone else touched that was sick and she gets sick her asthma goes into full throttle.  Our normal routine when we leave a field trip or other homeschool function is that my older four children each clean their hands with Wet Ones before getting into our van.


Wet Ones is a proud supporter of teachers through their partnership with – a service that helps teachers connect with their parents around classroom needs.  Since joining forces with in 2012, Wet Ones has donated 15,000 products to teachers all across the country as a jump start to getting their wish lists filled!  You can find your own teachers and get their school supplies at


Wet Ones are perfect for home or on the go. For dirty hands, dirty faces, wiping noses, wiping off dirty shopping carts, door handles and I have even used them in place of a baby wipes for diaper changes! Great for anytime and anywhere. And who says you have to children to keep them in your purse or your car! Keeping the world around you grime free!


Wet Ones comes so 3 sizes for on the go or home for the car, diaper bags, purses, you name it!


40 count canister
15 count travel pack
24 count individually wrapped singles
35 count Big Ones
Fresh n’ Flush – 56 count tub / 48 count resealable refill
All year long I keep Wet Ones handy for on the go clean ups!  What about you?


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“I wrote this review while participating in an Ambassador Program for Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Wet Ones and received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.”

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  1. I’ve never tried Wet Ones, but I think that I need to because they sound handy with my energetic preschooler!

  2. Oh yes, keeping these are so handy to keep on you at all times. It’s amazing how easily and often my kids get into messes. I don’t know what moms did before them.

  3. I love keeping them in my purse so I always have them if I need them.

  4. I keep the travel size in our car, in the diaper bag – and in my purse. You NEVER know when you will need to clean up messes on the go with the kids 🙂

  5. Great idea to take the Wet Ones along on the field trips! I think you’re right about people learning more through hands on activities!

  6. I always keep these in my car. If it’s not my daughter making the mess, it’s me!

  7. Ohh, I love wet ones for the pups too…but 5 kids…wow!

  8. Wet Ones are super handy when you have younger kids!

  9. How great that they donate their products to teachers. I love companies that give back.

  10. LOVE me some wet ones. We keep them in the car at all times.

  11. We have wet ones stocked up and they’re perfect for anywhere we go. I remember the zoo even passing them out as we came out of the petting area for the kids.

  12. I love that they give back! We’ve always been fans of Wet Ones, they’ve been around forever! I think something with that kind of longevity has to be doing something right!

  13. I love Wet Ones, I keep them in my car, purse and everywhere. They are really good for the kids when you are on teh go!

  14. They are a must. We are potty training the baby right now (I shouldn’t say baby), but I swear I will still buy them long after he is potty trained because we use them for everything!

  15. Pretty! This was a really wonderful post.

    Many thanks for supplying these details.


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