Our “summer” has come to an end, we begin our new homeschool year on Monday. This year will be a lot different than last year. My boys start 3rd and 1st grade. My daughter who is now officially preschool will be doing daily schooling as well. What is different this year? Now I officially have 3 to homeschool a spunky toddler and a new baby.
I have started to prepare for our new school year weeks ago. My curriculum is all purchased, our schedule is all done and we are ready to go.
The 1st thing I tackled was organizing our homeschool area.
First I packed up last year’s school work for both my boys. I use the same method every year, you can read more about it HERE.

Kindergarten and 2nd grade work

It took me two days to clear off this 81 cube shelf and reorganize it. All the history books are on one shelf, all geography all on one shelf, etc. Then I took my label maker and labeled each shelf by subject so that I can easily find my materials. 

I decided to stick with workboxes this year but they are super simple and not complicated! I took a bin for each homeschooled child, placed their name on it and gave each of them a shelf. Each Sunday I will pull their work and place it in their workbox for the new and up and coming week. When they are done with any loose pages it goes in their binder on the bottom shelf. Friday all completed curriculum will be put away and then I will repeat the process. I used to have more of a complicated set up with pull off tags, etc. but I have decided to simplify it with one box. I am hoping that one box will keep me organized and accountable.

Finally thanks to my friend April at Our Hope is in the Lord I borrowed her idea for weekly scheduling instead of buying a teacher planner. Each week I will update each child’s Excel spread sheet with what subjects and activities they will do weekly. Once they completed each subject for the day they will check it off themselves. No need to purchase a planner when Excel is right at your fingertips. Plus your kids can get involved by checking off each subject they have completed daily, giving them a sense of accomplishment!
All that is left to do is pull their work for next week and set up activities for my toddler to do while my older ones school. I look forward to the new homeschool year!
Have you started your new homeschool year yet? If so what steps have you taken to organize your new homeschool year?
Homeschool posts coming soon:
~ My curriculum choices for our new school year and why I chose them.
~ How to make busy/ learning bags
~ Montessori activities for little ones.
~ How our family works together in our daily homeschooling.

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