A little over six years from this Saturday my husband and I were expecting. What makes this baby so special? Let me tell you.

When our first son was about one year old I wanted another baby. I got pregnant with baby two. To make a long story short from the beginning I had several problems with the pregnancy. Eventually I lost the baby around 11 weeks. I was angry and I couldn’t understand why God would allow that to happen. I know why now.
I had a D & C after losing the baby in August of 2006. A few months later I found out I was pregnant. I was skeptical that the baby would OK after experiencing the miscarriage. I went to my first prenatal appointment I was given a due date of August 2007. What makes it so amazing is that my due date was the SAME date as the day I had my D & C. It wasn’t planned but I know that was God’s way of telling me everything was going to be fine.
This baby, our son was born just a few days shy of my due date. He was a healthy baby boy. See I was filled with sorrow after losing that baby but God turned that sorrow into joy. Now on Saturday he will be 6 years old. As all my children are very special to me, each for their own reasons but this boy is special in a unique way.
If you know the story of Adam & Eve being banished from the Garden of Eden because of the sin that was committed. Adam & Eve had Cain and Abel but Cain being jealous of Cain he killed his brother. God drove Cain from the land because of what he did. I read this and my heart breaks for Eve as a mother losing a son, or should I say two sons because Cain was banished. I believe God saw her anguish and blessed them. She became pregnant with a baby boy and they named him Seth. Genesis 4:25 – And Adam knew his wife again; and she bare a son, and called his name Seth. I can relate somewhat to this story. I lost a baby (in a different way then Eve but I still lost a baby), God saw my anguish and HE blessed us with a boy. So fitting that my husband and I named him Seth.
 God had a plan and that plan was this boy. Sure he is a temperamental, loud, small in statue but he is a fun loving boy. I look back on my loss and sometimes cry but then I remember what God has done. And now years later He has abundantly blessed our family with 5 kids.
He loves Lego’s and to build, he’s handsome, smart, creative, fun, loves soccer (sports), silly, plays hard and them crashes and a good brother!

God is good. These 6 years has flown by but I am so thankful for God’s plan and that plan included my son. I can’t believe he will be 6 this Saturday! Happy birthday my sweet boy!


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