I  have thought long and hard about writing this post. Tossing it back and forth because I know there will be much criticism. I decided to write it because I have had quite a few moms ask me questions regarding my last C-section. Women surprised that I just had a 5th C-section. Many of them wanting more children and having C-sections themselves and were told no more by their OB. I will start off by saying I am not a doctor, what I am sharing is my personal experiences.
When I was pregnant with my 1st son (8 years ago) I was totally against C-sections. Being a C-section baby myself, I wanted to experience giving birth to my son the “natural” way. That was until I was in labor with my son for many many hours and his head being so large that he would not transcend. With no other alternative at 3:30 AM my son was born via C-section. I was OK with that after my experience and all the pain. I know many after having a C-section would insist on their children to follow be born natural but not me. My experience with my 1st son was really difficult for me and I consider myself to have a strong pain tolerance but I didn’t push the issue, happy to have my 2nd, 3rd and 4th via C-section.
My husband and I had decided after having baby 4 we were done having children. After a year of prayer asking God for a baby girl my prayers were answered. Knowing there maybe risks involved but I know God was ultimately in control. He blessed us with baby five 2 1/2 weeks ago.
Now closer to 40 years old and having had 4 previous C-sections during my pregnancy for baby five my OB took extra precautions. I had quite a few ultrasounds making sure the scar tissue from my previous C-sections was not an issue adhering to the placenta. During the actual C-section she found only a little scar tissue but informed me that my uterus where the incisions had been made is only 2 layers thick. I decided that baby 5 was it for us after hearing that, not wanting to risk loosing my uterus or a baby if I were to get pregnant.
I was speaking with another mom (who is pregnant with her 6th) yesterday and she had asked me if my husband and I were going to have anymore children and I explained to her that I wanted more children but we were done because of the thinning or my uterus. Her response was that I should pray about it, if God wants us to have more children HE can make my uterus strong, I had never thought of that! Even though my sweet baby is only 2 1/2 weeks old I have started praying for God’s will about more children.
So the questions I have been asked by several of my readers is how was I able to have 5 C-sections? First I lean on my Savior, second having an awesome and supportive OB helps. Never did my OB scold me for getting pregnant, yes she was shocked when I can in the office for an appointment to see her but through it all she was supportive. Never pushing me to get my tubes tied (which I didn’t) unlike some of the other doctors in the practice did. Many of you say that your OB will not perform a C-section on you because you have had 2 or 3. I know every pregnancy is different, everybody has had different healing from previous scar tissue, etc. I am proof that it can be done. I would recommend praying about it and discussing it with your OB. My particular doctor has performed 7 C-sections on one woman. Many of you were saddened at the thought of being told no by your OB not to have anymore children but I think I would go for a second opinion (with your medical records in hand). Or find out why your OB says no, did you have bad scar tissue, etc.?
I will tell you that with C-section 4 I refused pain meds and I healed quickly, with this last C-section I am taking longer to heal, some days I feel fine while other days I have needed a pain med even after 2 weeks of delivering. My OB says everything looks great so I am just trying not to overdue it and allowing my friends to help which is a huge blessing!
So if it’s on your heart to have more children and you feel like the door has been closed because your OB said no one C-sections I think I would do more research. I do not have any medical answers to give and I write this post not to give anyone false hope. I am proof of that and there are many other women out there that have had more C-sections than me!

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