Baby 5 is due next week, I decided to make her some flower hair bows as well as matching ones for her sister.
girls flower hairclips
A flower bunch at the Dollar Tree
Alligator Hair clips
No Slip Grip
Sharp scissors
Hot Glue
Take the floral bunch and snip off a flower then take off the backside of the flower and hot glue each layer of the flower so that it doesn’t fall apart. Then take your alligator hair clip and hot glue the no slip grip on the inside of the hair clip. Next wrap the hair clip with the ribbon, lining it with hot glue.  Make sure you use a lighter to singe the ends of the ribbon to avoid fraying.
 Then place hot glue on the exterior of the ribbon of the hair clip and glue the flower to the hair clip. Next in the center of the flower place hot glue and glue a button or embellishment to the flower.

Even the ultrasound pictures show that my baby has a lot of hair I placed the baby’s flower hair bows on stretchy headbands. For my older daughter I made her 2 each of the same white flowers so I can place them in pigtails.
I also made them matching pink flower hair bows too.



  1. great! The flower is so beautiful.

  2. thanks for making this intersting tutorial and tips

  3. very complete tutorial , thanks for sharing this 🙂

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