I have never cut my daughter’s hair (in the back). She will be 4 years old and her hair has grown super fast. It’s long, blonde and beautiful. She loves wearing hair bows and insists on having them in her hair daily.
Even though her hair is beautiful it has been an on-going battle. She hates to have her hair brushed and she cries every time I brush. No matter how gentle I am she still cries.
I have tried to distract her by putting cartoons on for her to watch while I brush her hair. There have been times that I have even threatened to cut her hair. She doesn’t want me to cut it so what’s the solution?
I have tried detanglers they do not work, special brushes they do not work, expensive shampoo’s and conditioners and of coarse they haven’t worked either.
So what is the solution? The below tips have worked wonderful to this on-going battle:


1) Typically I give my kids baths in the evening because they play hard during the day. So I wash my daughter’s hair with shampoo, rinse and then use a small amount of conditioner and then rinse the conditioner out of her hair. Unless we go to the park or someplace where she gets real dirty I only wash her hair every other day.



2) After washing her hair I take conditioner (about the size of a quarter) in my hands and run the conditioner through her hair.
3) I run a towel over her head to take an access water and conditioner out of her hair and then brush it. When her hair is wet I use a comb type brush.
4) Then I braid her hair and leave it till the next morning. When I take the braid out the following morning her hair is dry, soft and with no tangles.
5) When her hair is dry I use a paddle brush and then style her hair.
If I didn’t wash her hair the night before I put a quarter size amount of conditioner in my hand, run it through her hair and use the paddle brush to brush her hair and then style.  
I have seen a huge difference in doing the above tips – her hair isn’t tangled and her hair is super soft. Plus the best part of all is she isn’t crying while I brush her hair, no more thoughts of cutting her hair anytime soon!


  1. great tips thanks ……..

  2. I am going to try this. My daughter and I have the same battles over her hair. Plus she likes to dip her hair into her food which only makes matters worse.

  3. I so needed this right now. My daughter is also 4, with hair that long, and we’ve begun the fight against tangles. Do you use a leave-in conditioner or standard kind? And does it seem to weigh it down/get greasy faster or just absorb in?

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