This year I have made more of a commitment to myself and family to be more thrifty. Prices of food are increasing rapidly so I am taking steps to make things from scratch. Even though I had the 50 cents off coupon for breadcrumbs, why would I use it when I can easily make my own?

We had a lot of hot dog buns leftover from my son’s birthday party,  I used this bread to make my breadcrumbs.

Garlic powder
Basil (dried)
Rosemary (dried)
Bay Leaves (dried)

You can either leave your bread out and allow it to get stale or you can toast it which is what I did. I toasted until browned. Then I placed the toasted bread into my Vitamix but you could use a blender or food processor. Then grind up the bread until it’s fine into breadcrumbs. 

Once the bread was ground up I placed on a large storage bag and added garlic powder, minced basil, rosemary and bay leaves into the bag and shook the breadcrumbs and spices together.

Then i closed the bag and labeled it with the date made and placed in the freezer for storage. I would say the amount I made would last 3 months. 

Here is one of the dishes I used to make my breadcrumbs with – breaded chicken breasts. I can really taste the difference fresh vs/ store bought. Plus I know what’s in it and ultimately it’s cheaper than store bought. So do not throw your stale bread away, make your own breadcrumbs – it’s super easy!

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