This week I am skipping Learn and Link next week I will resume to normal schedule. 

I have been blogging since 2009. I stared off as just sharing my homeschooling journey and encouraging other homeschoolers and moms. Along the way my blog grew from a hobby to a part time job. My blog is “mine”, it’s my outlet. I enjoy it!

As my blog has grown it’s time to get more organized. So here are my Blogging New Years Resolutions for 2013:
1) Use a calendar (this is something I have never done) jot down due dates for posts.
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2) Use an Excel spread sheet and type in all product reviews as I post them so that when I go to do my income taxes at the end of the year I am not scrambling when my husband asks me for my information and I then am totaling up all my product reviews.

3) Take advantage of blogging on the go when possible. My husband bought me an iPad for Christmas with the keyboard. Any extra pockets of time when possible can be a time saver for me. Even if it’s to just start a post.

4) When a giveaway is over immediately choose my winner. 

5) Not to get discouraged when doors are closed, new ones will open, they always do!
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6) Get even more involved in other blog events and guest posts.

7) Go through my affiliates and see if they are still a good fit for my blog.

8) Clean up my sidebar.

9) Change my platform, purchase my domain and change my blog name after the new baby is born.

10) Do not put all my eggs in one basket, grow all my social media not just one particular one. 

11) Continue to host Wordless Wednesday linky, Learn and Link linky and my giveaway (Super Saturday) linky but also do more parenting posts, recipes and crafts. 

12) Limit blogging to a minimal during the weekends and stick to my Sunday’s off – weekends are family time.

13) It’s OK to say no.

14) Most of all have fun, keep enjoying what I do and remember that I am a busy mom to 4 soon 5 little ones and to create a blog schedule that doesn’t interrupt that special time with them!

What are your Blogging New Year Resolutions? Leave me a comment and share your most important one!

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