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My 3 year old daughter and I are back to letter of the week, we were doing it consistantly and then took a break to do other things of her interest – crafts and handwriting.

So this week we learned letter C.

 On cardstock  I drew a C and then she colored it with water color crayons and then painted over it with water and then added yarn for the whiskers and tail, googly eye and pink glue for the nose, the ears are triangles cut out of cardstock.

Then I made her a cat sandwich for lunch. I used peanut butter to get all the components to stay on the face. I used strawberries for the ears which I cut in 1/2 and a small strawberry cut in a 1/4 for the nose, carrot sticks cut very thin for the whiskers and grapes cut in 1/2 for the eyes and a 1/2 of grape for the mouth.

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