My kids are not your typical let’s sit down and homeschool. I love to find fun ways to teach my kids, not just from workbooks.  Educational Insights offers so many fantastic tools for any parent or teacher to use to teach their children.
My daughter was thrilled when she opened up her Grandma’s Trunk Alphabet Game. She is in the process of learning her ABC’s, we have been playing by placing the alphabet cards on the table and she lines them up in a row in alphabetical order then when she’s done she points to each one as she and sings the ABC song. Then she wants to do it all over again! It has been a perfect way for her to recognize her ABC’s. 
Tons of fun is packed into this suitcase classic! With 5 ways to play, kids will practice letter names and sounds, build memory skills, create stories, and even play fun riddle games! Includes adorable cardboard trunk (which doubles as package), 26 alphabet picture cards, 26 alphabet riddle cards, and guide. Grades K+

5 Ways to Play include:

What Comes Next? Take turns placing the letter cards in the trunk in alphabetical order.
Memory Time Take turns repeating the sequence of cards already in the trunk, then adding one of your own and challenging other players to remember them all, in order.
Grandma’s Riddles Deal the cards, then read a riddle and race to see who has the letter card that answers it!
Letter Sequence Memory Deal the cards and take turns putting them in the trunk in alphabetical order, repeating the items already in the trunk and challenging other players to remember them all, in alphabetical order.
Grandma’s Adventures Place the letter cards in the trunk and take turns pulling them out to create a cooperative story: “Once upon a time there was a grandma. She saw an iguana.”

My 2 boys love the Grandma’s Riddle Game. They laughed and enjoyed answering the riddles and when they where unable to answer them they would stop and think for a minute and then it would click why the answer is what it is. It made my children learn using their thinking skills all while playing a fun game as a family!
Educational Insights offers several other fantastic alphabet learning tools such as Hot Dots Jr. Beginning Phonics Set, Phonics Bean Bags and E-Z As ABC Game Set. Grandma’s Trunk Alphabet Game sells for $14.99 and can be purchased directly from Educational Insights.

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Educational Insights is generously offering one of my readers Grandma’s Trunk Alphabet Game!

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