Frugal Uses For Toothbrushes

Toothbrushes can be used for so many things other than brushing teeth. I have old toothbrushes everywhere in my house, underneath the kitchen sink, in my bathroom shower and laundry room. Toothbrushes are so inexpensive that once they get tattered I toss them out and add a new one! See what I use toothbrushes for:
~ I keep a toothbrush in my shower to clean the grout in the tile with.
~ The grout in my kitchen and front entrance tile looks new after cleaning it with a toothbrush.
~ Clean computer keyboards.

~ Clean mud or dirt from the bottom soles of sneakers/shoes.

~ Clean the sippy cup tops in the small crevices.
~ One of my favorite uses is cleaning stains on clothes, I add a bit of detergent on a stain and then scrub it with a toothbrush.
~ Clean around your bathroom or kitchen sink fixtures.

~ Clean glass sliding door tracks.

~ Clean around the faucets (these areas quickly pick up grime) .
Arts and Crafts:
~ You can use a toothbrush for crafts with your kids like paint flickering on paper.
~ Use as a paintbrush
~ Spread glue with.
~  Make a bracelet.
Personal uses:
~  Brush eyebrows.
~ Clean fingernails.
~  Cleaning jewelry with.

What do you use old toothbrushes for?


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