Willow Store is committed to the Reusable Movement. The Earth is not disposable—and we need to treat it with the respect, with reusable products that are sustainable for the environment and our economy. Reusables are their future, Willow Store is passionate about making a difference, for our children, and for the Earth!

Not only does Willow Store carry several natural products aside from cloth diapers but they carry the best organic wipes too! These Organic Super Wipes are a perfect addition to my cloth diapering! I like the gentleness and softness of these organic hemp clothes against my baby’s sensitive skin. Plus they are super absorbent plus they fit perfectly in in my diaper warmer! What a great way to save money and to be eco-friendly!

WillowSprouts Super Wipes are made of our unique organic cotton/hemp material that’s strong enough for the sticky messes of everyday life, yet soft enough for those tender faces.

These Super Wipe earns its versatility with its two distinct layers: The terry side is perfect for those sticky messes, while the super-soft, plush side is gentle enough to rinse your newborn’s smiling face. These two, distinct sides not only add versatility—but strength.

Super Wipes are far more durable than common, flimsy wipes—and much more absorbent! Plus, it’s generously sized to cover your hand, protecting you from the grubbiest of messes!

Just add water, or a few drops of your favorite baby shampoo, for the perfect wipe solution for any diapering system!

Measures approximately 8″ x 8″

Super Wipes are sold individually for $2.45 each as well as bundled in 12-packs for $26.95 and can be purchased directly from Willow Store.

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