On Mother’s Day my family gathered together to enjoy each other’s company. Someone brought up the latest Time Life Magazine cover of a mother nursing her son. OK, not a problem right, my family had a problem with how old the child was who was getting breastfeed, he’s 3 year old. I didn’t say anything because I completely disagreed with them. I think it’s a mother’s choice to nurse her baby / child however long she wants to. It’s not for us to judge. And just because the rest of the world looks on and doesn’t agree does it mean it’s wrong, who is to say what’s right or wrong here?
I have nursed all 4 of my children, as a matter of fact I am still nursing my 17 month baby. Boy do I get comments about that, I am not sure why – he is still a baby! I believe my baby and I enjoy that bonding experience together, it’s special, it’s not only good for him but it’s good for me. Why should I be in a rush to wean him what’s the hurry? They are little only ONCE. So as I get rude comments from my neighbors and family I brush it off and say who cares. It’s my choice not there’s.
Kudos’s to this mom who is 26 years old and nurses her 3 year old son. Now I will agree the picture on the cover of the magazine is a bit strange.  I kind of think maybe the picture could have been taken a bit differently. I am a very modest breast feeder so I would be covered. When I think of breastfeeding my baby I think of holding him sweetly in my arms, not anything like this photo depicts. The photo really doesn’t drive me crazy, what does is that  cover says, attachment parenting is driving mother’s to the extremes – breastfeeding is extreme? That’s news to me! Who is to say this mom is right or wrong. I applaud her for nursing her son at 3 years old. I answer the question that is printed in bold on the cover for her and the rest of us breastfeeding moms, yes us nursing moms are moms enough! 

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