Mama D’s Closet pads are sewn by a mom who stays home with her toddler and likes to contribute to the family offers where I can. If you could peek in on the owner while making pads, you’d most likely find her sewing with her toddler on her lap (he is utterly fascinated with the sewing machine!), or taking plenty of breaks to give kisses and read books. Be proud of the fact that when you purchase from Mama D’s Closet, you are supporting a small business centered on love!

Mama D’s day pads are made of an outer layer of cozy 100% cotton flannel. The envelope-style opening in the back accommodates two included soaker pads constructed of super-thirsty microfiber sandwiched between two complementing layers of flannel. Use one soaker for lighter days, both for those days when you need a little extra protection, or just the envelope by itself as a pantyliner! The pad fastens with durable metal snaps and measures approximately 9″ long.

The envelope design makes customizing absorbency easy, so you can make the same few pads work for your entire cycle from beginning to end, instead of purchasing many different pads with different absorption levels. Fewer pads = more cash saved, less space taken up!
Since the pad can be taken apart, it cleans up very thoroughly, even with hand washing. If you are looking to save a few trips to the laundromat, you can be confident that these pads will get clean in your sink!

When Mama D’s Closet contacted me to review for her I was thrilled! Being a cloth diapering mom I have been wanting to try out mama pads and after using Mama D’s Closet pads I am hooked! When using disposable pads in the past I have had bunching, staining and the wings do not stick (Sorry, more information than you probably wanted, right?!) With Mama D’s Closet cloth pads there was no bunching, the pad stayed in place and they were absorbent! I didn’t feel like I had a disposable diaper on, I barely felt anything! I will not go back to disposable pads ever! So easy to clean too, I rinse them in the sink and then I toss them in with my cloth diapers washing! They dry super fast too, I laid mine out in my backyard, since Mama D’s Closet uses flannel which is not only absorbent but dries super fast too! Mama D’s Closet has me hooked on more cloth!

Mama D’s Closet cloth pads can be purchased for $6.00 each which include the envelope style pad with two soaker pads or you can purchase 3 envelope style pads with two soakers per pad for $16.00! Another way to purchase more cloth pads are from the Pad of the Month Club Subscription which you get 1 new cloth pad every month for $20.00!

Mama D’s Closet is kindly offering one of my readers to win 2 sets of 3 packs of cloth pads!

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