LETTERS OF THE WEEK E + F (Letter Crafts)

Trying to move right along  with our letter of the week but somehow it’s moving slowly for us. Getting side tracked with other things!
We love our All About Reading – Pre Level 1 curriculum that is packed with letter crafts, rhyming cards, reading and much more!
Here are our activities for learning letters E and F.

Letter of the week

I printed off a “E” and we turned it into an elephant. Then we used our All About Learning Level Pre-1 kit to do the printable Elephant page, I colored my preschoolers finger tip with marker and then he pressed down on the page by the elephant, the top and bottom finger prints formed peanut shapes.

Also played the game Elefun which my son loves!

For letter “F” I printed out a F and then gave my preschooler bubble wrap and blue paint. He painted the blue wrap and then pressed it down on the F to make it look like fish scales. Then we added the fins and googly eye.

Letter of the week

Also used marker to color his finger tips to make mini fish around the frog pond.
Then we went to our lake and caught our own fish to observe for a few days, we did put them back in the pond about 1-2 weeks later.
Stay tuned for our letter “G” lesson!
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