Kebbie’s Diaper Bag is a cloth diaper store, was created by a mom that had cloth diapered from day one. Having leaks or blowouts all of the time and wanting to prevent this along with many other problems she was encountering.  Making a list of all of the issues she was having and what features my ultimate diaper would have in it. After making a prototype and testing it,  finding a diaper that she loved and wanted to share with the world, and this is how Bubbz Diapers was born. Naming the diaper after her daughter’s bubble butt, and thought Bubbz would be a cute name for a diaper.

~ Soft outer PUL that feels great against baby’s skin
~ Soft microfleece lining that wicks water away from baby keeping baby nice and dry
~ A 3D anti-leak channel created by twin gussets on the interior of the diaper. These gussets help contain blowouts and leaks much better than conventional pocket or disposable diapers.
~ Super absorbent microfiber insert that snaps into the shell of the diaper, preventing the insert from shifting
~ Dual pockets, one in front and in back, making it easy for the insert to escape when washed. No need to unstuff diaper before washing
~ Variety of bright colors and vibrant prints
~ Colorful color coded snaps to make it easy for you and other caregivers to get the same fit every time
~ Rise snaps allows the diaper to be worn by a baby from birth to potty training, approximately from 7lbs to 35lbs
~ Elastic in the back of shell to help contain blowouts up the back
~ No chemicals against baby’s skin

I have been cloth diapering for 4 years and will continue to do so. I have tried alot of fluff, I was pleasantly pleased with the Bubbz cloth diaper. It fit my baby very nicely. The quality was very nice with use of quality fabrics and snaps. The first time I used it on my son I was amazed when I went to change his diaper that he didn’t have a blow out or leaking, it was completely full and yucky! The Bubbz held up perfectly! I love the inside of the diaper how it has a gusset type area around each leg making for no leaks! I highly recommend this diaper.
Not to mention that they are so affordable, $16.95 each! And if you purchase 20 diapers the prices reduces to $15.95 each, 30 diapers $14.41, 40 diapers $13.56. Plus they offer free shipping for orders $25.00 (US) or more, under $25.00 wtih a flat rate of $2.95!

 When you purchase a package from KDB, you will automatically receive samples of the Earthie’s Bioliners, Scarlet’s Naturals and Country Save Laundry Detergent, a combined value of $6.95.

Kebbie’s Diaper Bag also offers other cloth diapering products: cloth wipes and Kids Eco-Friendly Bottoms cloth diapers!
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