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Last week my mother in law came and visited us from New York. One of the things she really wanted to do is visit the beach – I don’t blame her! I think us Floridians take it for granted. My boys were excited to go to the beach, I stayed home with the 2 little ones while my husband, his mom and our 2 older boys headed for the beach.

A few hours later my husband called and started asking me about how to treat jelly fish stings, all I could hear is my hysterical 6 year old in the background. As a mom and those motherly instincts kicked in and said, “hurry get my boy home”! Meanwhile time to figure out how to treat jellyfish wounds, so I searched the Internet! To my surprise it was simple, using one of my favorite products — VINEGAR! Simply pour it over the wound!

I anxiously awaited for them to get home so I could see my son, I had my bulk vinegar bottle outside on the front entrance to our home so I could swing open the door and pour it on his arm. I prayed he wasn’t stung by a box jelly fish which is¬†poisonous – praise God he wasn’t!

At 1st his arm was super swollen and had goose bump type skin. My husband said he had to pull the jellyfish off my son’s arm.

My son said after pouring vinegar on the wound and taking a hot shower the pain was almost gone! Today a week later, you can still see the wound but it’s much better.
Yeah 3 cheers for vinegar! Not only  is it great for cleaning (which I use frequently) but now I will keep a little in a bottle for the beach!
My husband and my mother in law went back to the same beach a few days later (my kids were with me at our Bible study) and my husband said there were alot more jelly fish that day! Glad my kids didn’t go that day!

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