Breastfeeding moms, why do we have to accommodate people who are not willing to accommodate our breastfeeding babies? I am so tired of people telling me that my baby is 14 months old – time to wean him. I say NO it’s not! My baby started eating solids late, he showed no interest of eating solids early. He only wanted to nurse until he was about 12 months old. I still nurse him prior to feeding him solids, so why should I wean him?
The comments I get, even today are, ” he is using you as a pacifier”. UGH, this irks me! Maybe he does when he’s tired but I think it’s his preference, why is that wrong?
So I was invited to a family function (wedding shower) for a member of my family. The event is an hour away from me so that’s 2 hours worth of travel time and the event is for 3 hours. I am told I can’t bring him with – no children allowed. So tell me, why are they allowing my 8 year old cousin to go? OK maybe technically he is considered a toddler which I think at 14 months is a stupid label – in my mind he is a baby. So he has to stay home. Why should he? He should be coming with! So the only option I have to to travel the distance each way and stay a short time. Why though? The answer I get is – he eats solids he doesn’t need to come. I am honestly tired people of the comments! I do not tell you how to raise your children – do not tell me how to raise mine! I am doing what I think what’s best for my BABY (yes I said baby). Respect that!
So breastfeeding moms, why do they try to bully us into weaning our babies? 
What are your thoughts? 


  1. Mama to 3 Girlies says:

    I breast fed all my girls for two years (and a bit more with the last one). Breast fed babies are healthier in every respect, any public health nurse will tell you so. Our PHN said try for two years. That’s all I told anyone who commented.

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