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Go Green Baby Company is a reflection of their passion for sustainability, and desire to share their experience with those who want to live green while raising a family. Go Green Baby Company’s goal  is to provide families with information and support, offer a way to connect with like-minded parents, and serve as a resource for fun, affordable, top quality green products for kids. Most importantly, we want to educate people about the cost savings, positive environmental impact and health benefits of using cloth diapers
I had the opportunity to work with Go Green Baby Company and review one of their fantastic cloth diapers.
Wahmies is a One Size diaper one that fits from birth to potty training, but it sets no limits on what size of a baby it will fit. With a eyelet closure system because we had never used it in a diaper before.
Product Features:
~ Extremely easy to use. It has an opening in the back for effortless insert stuffing.
~ Nice and soft velour against the baby’s skin to wick away moisture. Plus, it stays as good as new, wash after wash!
~ This innovative one size diaper features gentle waist elastic to help ensure a secure fit from the newborn to toddler stages.
~ Has FOUR rise settings providing the perfect rise for a diaper at any age and any weight.
~ Has your toddler figured out how to take their Velcro or snapping diaper off? Then the Wahmies One Size diaper is perfect! They will not figure out how to get this off, but you will find it amazingly easy to put on and adjust.
~Wahmies One Size fits the largest range of weights from 6.5 lbs to 40 lbs! You won’t find that in any other diaper!
~ The snug fit on the Wahmies One Size prevents wings on the diaper from drooping, providing an even better fit.
I have tried several cloth diapers over the years with my 3 children. Some have been great some horrible. The Wahmies is a awesome cloth diaper. My 13 month baby wets frequently and this diaper held up nicely. There was not any leaking what so ever. My baby is petite so at 13 months he is still wearing a small so I adjusted the diaper to the smallest setting and it fit him nice and snug. The diaper wasn’t bulky and he seemed very comfortable in it. I like how I can adjust the microfiber insert by folding it into the pocket myself instead of it already one big piece, it makes for faster line drying.

The Cow Print Wahmies sells for $19.95 and can be purchased directly from Go Green Baby Company. Go Green Baby Company offers several other cloth diapering products: Pocket Diapers, Diaper Covers, Inserts, Prefolds, All-in-One Cloth Diapers, Wool Covers, Cloth Diapering Accessories, Breastfeeding Accessories, Baby Clothing and Baby Gear! A one stop shop store!
Go Green Baby is offering 1 of my readers: their choice of a Wahmies One Size Pocket Cloth Diaper AND Rockin’ Green Pail Freshener!

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