We have started our now have completed lesson 3 for our  Science curriculum Apologia’s Swimming Creatures on the 5th Day. Here are some of the activities we did with the lesson.
Pinnipeds (Seals and Walruses)
With double layers of rubber gloves on each hand, one hand with vaseline sandwiched between the 2 gloves we did an experiment. Place one hand in the water at a time, which one can stay in the ice water longer, the one with 2 gloves or the one with 2 gloves and vaseline between both? My on was able to keep the one hand without the vaseline in the ice water for 45 seconds and the one with 60 seconds. The vaseline is to act like a layer of blubber, this experiment simulates what blubber does – insulate!

I found this awesome video on YouTube which explains the difference between seals and sea lions.

Here are 2 crafts we did:
Walrus out of paper plates and spoons. I found the tutorial HERE.
and seals.
Traced a seal on foam sheets, painted them threaded fishing line through their snouts for their whiskers and glued googly eyes on!
Stay tunned, we will be doing sea herps next!


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