Just curious if there are other mom’s out there that get rude comments for breastfeeding their baby from family members? I am a big advocate for breastfeeding, I realize at times not all mom’s are able to do so and I respect that, I was one of them myself when our 1st child was born. When he was born his glucose levels were down and I was in recovery from my c-section and they shoved a bottle in his mouth and gave him formula – as a new mom I didn’t know any better, I planned on breastfeeding 100%. But even after my milk came in he was still hungry so I had to supplement formula and as our 2nd, 3rd and 4th babies were born I promised myself I would not use formula but I would nurse them 100% and I have stuck to that promise. At a family birthday party over the weekend for my mom and  my son, I heard my cousin’s husband make a rude comment about me nursing my baby in the livingroom. My mom and I heard him from the other room. I was upset but didn’t say anything to him. I wanted to do the Christian thing and turn the other check. Why is it ok for him to eat dinner but I can’t feed my baby his? I know it’s just ignorance really, I know some men feel uncomfortable about it and I can’t help that. It made me feel bad so I resorted to nursing my baby in a seperate room until they left. Why should I have to though? It’s not his home, my aunt whose house it was doesn’t have a problem with it. This is not the 1st rude comment family members have made about me nursing in the livingroom.  I cover myself, you can’t see anything. I try to be as respectful as I can but my baby needs to eat too! Do you get rude comments and how do you handle them?
Please, I am not slamming formula, I know it’s a personal choice and at times mom’s are not able to do so. Please do not leave me nasty comments or send me hate e-mail. I just would like to see what other mom’s do in public or at a family member’s home.

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