Have you heard of Belly Band? If you are pregnant & you want to continue to wear your normal clothes like pants or shorts but you can’t button them anymore you slide the stretchy band over the opening part of your pants/ shorts so you can wear them long not only can you wear it while your pregnant but it’s great for post-partdum too!
OK, so I really wanted a Belly Band but I am too cheap to spend the $25.00 when I can make one myself! Here is a very simple tutorial on how to make your own if your pregnant, or you can even make as a gift!
Step 1
Take a t-shirt & cut the whole shirt underneath the armpit opening straight across. After your done cutting you will have a tube.

Step 2

If you can sew great, hem the top & bottom so it gives a nice clean look (make sure you do not sew the tube together.
Step 3
Now you have DIY pregnancy band!

See – very easy & only costs a small fraction of the name brand! I happened to have a old t-shirt I used in my drawer that I never wear anymore, so really it didn’t cost me anything!

Just step in the tube portion, slide it over your shorts, pants, skirt opening over the button or zipper – noone will even know that your button or zipper is undone but you!

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  1. great idea!! 18 weeks preggo now and growing out of clothes 🙂

  2. What a great idea!!! Im going to have to make one of these next time!! Thanks.


  3. This is such a great idea! I wish I had done this when I was pregnant with my three. I’m filing this one away for gift ideas. But, it seems to me this would work for women who are growing out of their clothes because they are, ahem, getting plump. I could use this for that reason!

  4. wow, what a simple idea for something everyone needs!!

  5. by the way, i just realized- our kids are almost the same ages (oldest just turned 5 monday, 2 year old turns 3 in early september and baby to be 1 august 7– but we’re done. baby and i both almost didn’t make it thru delivery and it’s too scary for me to try again emotionally)

    i also cloth diaper, baby wear and delay vax. :o) so glad i found you!

  6. That’s a great idea! I’ve got some tank tops that are super tight right now that I’ve been using in place of a belly band. They work great!

  7. Fabulous =)

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