Sea World School Part 1

We have an annual pass to Sea World for the year so we went over the weekend. I decided to use our trips for the year as part of our homeschooling. Learning about the sea life, etc. For this week I had my son choose 5 sea animals we saw over the weekend to learn about for the week. Learning about a new one each day.
Octopus, Walrus’, Fish, Stingrays & Dolphin
Toliet paper tube Octopus
We played the fishing AB Seas by Discovery Toys
I printed out a worksheet, glued it to the back of a cereal box (for sturdiness) of different animals & had him sort what was sea life & what wasn’t.
Putting together a ocean life floor puzzle
Sea life math, rounding up to the nearest number using our flip and learn book chart. I printed off these sea life worksheets: How many?Β  Sea Shell round upΒ  Fish game

Thanks to Home Grown FamiliesΒ for the idea to use Cheerios for a sensory box + for giving me 2 big bags of Cheerios for me to use! I took all the sea life animal toys we had & hid them in the Cheerios “the bubbles of the ocean” & had my boys look for them. Then I had JJ sort the animals, I wrote out each animal name & had him tell me how many of each animal there was then had him write it next to the animal name on the paper.

During our Spanish co-op Wednesday one of JJ’s friends gave him a fish, my boys named her Wonder Woman. I may be a grandma soon – the fish is pregnant! That will be a whole another fun Science lesson for us to do!
I had bought this craft at Michaels ages ago, I pulled it out & we did it together. The pieces are small but I gave JJ the picutre and had him copy it.
For the whole week we have been making our own “What I learned at Sea World Book”, I printed off various animals we are learning, reviewed it with JJ. As we conitnue to go back to Sea World we will add more pages to his book on the sea animals he learned during that visit.
Here are some of the pages I printed off this week:
Bible verses we read this week to go with our sea life theme:
Jesus feeds 5,000 – Matthew 14:13-21
Fishing for gold – Matthew 17:24-27
A big catch – John 21:3-7
Jonah – Jonah 1:1-15

handprint octopus
Animals we saw over the weekend at Sea World that we learned about this week.
And of course for fun……………
Check back in May for Part 2 of our Sea World school!



  1. I love the hand octopus! Great week! Your welcome for the cheerios too! πŸ™‚

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  3. What a fun week! The handprint octopus is adorable! I love the sensory box as well πŸ™‚

  4. Wow! GREAT ideas! I have never thought about using cheerios for a sensory box! I will now… and the toilet paper & hand octopus’ were SO cute!

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  6. Aren’t annual passes just the best. πŸ™‚

  7. Fun, Fun, Fun.

  8. We love SeaWorld

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  11. Great unit study, and I loved that you read from the Bible and tied that in, too! I’m sure that none of you will forget what was learned this week! You must feel really good about how much your children learned! Great job, Mom!

  12. What a great week. It is neat when we can provide them with hands on learning! That is the best learning there is!

  13. I just love the things you do with your kids.

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  14. Looks like some wonderful creative ideas! Thanks for sharing. Have an awesome weekend!

  15. What a fun theme! I love the cheerio sensory bin. Yummy fun!!

  16. How fun! You have so many creative ideas! It looks like everyone had a great time.

  17. Brillant! We were gifted some cheerios (the plain kind which I won’t EVER eat and the girls snub because I’m the bad mom who only buys honey roasted) and I now have a great use for them!

  18. and I spelled brilliant wrong…sorry!

  19. Awesome Week!! Love the ocean floor puzzle. πŸ˜‰

  20. Loved all the craft ideas you had for under the sea. so imaginative and I know my 2 1/2 year old would love to do some of these. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Great week with so many various activities around ocean theme. You are definitely a great homeschooler. I am very impressed with how well your son can write – he is doing an awesome job!

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