Dinosaurs & what they eat

We started off our dinosaur week by going to our local museum that has a dinosaur exhibit with some friends.
Fossilized Dinosaur dung & skin
Fossilized Dinosaur Egg
My boys following the dinosaur tracks
Before we left my boys drew a dinosaur.
My preschooler’s 1st time drawing a dinosaur (he is turning more of a little artist each day!)
Dinosaur teeth (Herbivore & Carnivore)

This week we discussed quite a bit about Ominvores, Herbivores & Carnivores

I  took some of my sale ad’s cut out plants & meat, took some leaves from our tree in the backyard & glued the plants on 1 pc. of paper & labeled it Herbivore, meat for the Carnivore & the leaves & meat for the Omnivore. Then I gave my preschooler some dinosaur flash cards and had him match the dinosaur to what they ate.
Then we discussed dinosaur anatomy
We also made our own dinosaur teeth out of Play-Doh
Then we discussed some of the similarities of dinosaurs & other animals we say this week.
A Heron looks like a Brontosaurus because of the neck
Lizards, their long tails, reptile, etc.
Our handprint spike dinosaur craft
Have a dino-riffic weekend!


  1. How cool! Dinosaurs are such fun to explore. The link up will go up later in the day. I wanted to put the Fill-In up when it went up last night and didn’t want it hidden by the linky hookup!

  2. great post looks fun! Happy Friday Follow morning! Have a blessed day! http://lafeshiddentreasures.blogspot.com/

  3. Great week! I love that anatomy model!

  4. What an awesome week of hands-on learning. I am always impressed with how well your preschooler can write and draw. Making dinosaur teeth out of playdoh is an awesome idea!

  5. Looks like a great dinosaur exhibit! I love your playdoh tooth, and the handprint craft! And your project about what a dinosaur eats! Great ideas!

  6. I found you on FF. I love your blog and my kids would love all of this awesome fun stuff!

  7. Wow! Awesome ideas! What a great week!

    That museum looks great!

    And i love those first drawings 🙂 My son is also starting to do them more.

  8. You always do so much with your kids! I love how you took the ads and leaves and had them match up the dinosaurs with what they eat! Great job!

  9. Oh what a fun week! You guys are always doing such fun stuff!

  10. What a fun week! The dinosaur museum looks like so much fun!

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