Dinosaur Stompin’ Feet

With our continued studies about dinosaurs the last few weeks, we decided to do a very fun craft!
Materials needed:
Empty Cereal boxes (1 for each foot)
Exacto Knife

How to make them………
Glue the flap opening shut
Then cut rectangles in the center of the boxes for your childs feet, I started off with small rectangles & then wound up making them larger.
Then my boys decided to paint the top side of the boxes green.
Then with the left over cardboard from the rectangle cut outs I cut out triangles for the dinosaur claws.
Then the boys colored the triangle claws.
Then we glued them to the front of the cereal boxes.

My boys stomped around the livingroom with them on roaring – they had so much fun as they slipped & slid all over the place!



  1. haha too cute! Love it! I bet they were fun to watch! It’s always great watching your kids have fun.

  2. so cute!

  3. Oh wow these look like so much fun!! What a great project :0)

  4. ahhhhh love those! so cute!

  5. Real cute and a fun idea. My boys would love this…

  6. I am totally making those! What a fun idea!

  7. This is a great idea! so much fun!

  8. Love the dino feet! I’m already a follower but wanted to say Happy Friday!

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  11. Following you from Follow me Friday- Can’t wait to make these!

  12. Those are pretty darn cool! What a great project!

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  13. Selena would love these. She loves putting her feet in anything and pretending it is shoes or monster feet. We will have to try this.

  14. That is an awesome (AWESOME) idea! My little Manny would so love to have a good reason to stomp through the house!

  15. Hi from Friday Follow 🙂

    What a great project 🙂

  16. Those look so fun!

  17. VERY CUTE! What a great idea!

  18. Those are so cute. Can’t wait until we do a dinosaur unit so we can make them!

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  21. Okay, that is sooooo cute!

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  23. What a fantastic idea! My son is only 16 months old, but he would still get a kick out this! I think maybe I’ll use smaller boxes like maybe instant oatmeal boxes? Hmmmm…

    I stopped by from FF, and I’m glad to have found you! 🙂

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  28. What a cute idea!
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  29. How cute! I think my little one would like this. I’m visiting and following from Friday Follow. Have a great weekend!

  30. Great idea – I bet your boys have a lot of fun with them.

  31. These are cute! We will have to try these, my dino loving boys will be thrilled! Thanks!

  32. Very Cute!!!!

  33. These are so darn stinkin’ cute.

  34. very cute!

  35. Fun!

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  36. Oh, my boys would LOVE this!!!!

  37. My girls would love these. And maybe they will stop trying to walk around using my storage bowls as “shoes.”

  38. soo cute!! They look like so much fun!

  39. How cute. If Little Sweets becomes interested in dinosaurs we will have to make our own dinosaur feet.

  40. What a neat idea! If you don’t mind later this week I’d love to link back to your post from my post … I’m sure my reader would love your blog!!

    Here’s what we did for our Dinosaur Theme:

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