Dinosaurs – our trip to the museum

Family time 1/16/10

My oldest has loved dinosaurs ever since he was 2 (he is almost 5) so I was thrilled when we heard that the dinosaur exhibit was coming to our local museum. We had fun – fossil digging, hands on exhibits, etc.

The boys looking for fossils (they found quite a few)
dinosaur tooth
Dinosaur match, JJ matching the claw to the Velociraptor
Mama & baby looking at the fish
Jumping Bean touching a sea cucumber



  1. Looks like so much fun. I love these kind of exhibits:)

  2. What a fun museum! At our local aquarium they have a touch pool where you can touch sea cucumbers. James loves this! Me, not so much. 🙂

  3. This reminded me of a trip we made when my children were young. My oldest child, who is now 16, loved dinosaurs. We read dinosaur books, played with dinosaur toys, he wore clothes with dinosaurs on them…is obsessed coming to mind yet? LOL Anyway, when we heard that the zoo had a new interactive dinosaur exhibit we couldn’t wait to go and take our two little boys. Mistake, the huge, terrifying creatures that roared scared them to death! We quickly turned around and existed the exhibit…thankfully, there were no lasting repercussions!:)

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