Superhero "action figures"

Since I made Little Princess a baby doll for Christmas I decided to sew my boys superhero type “action figures” dolls. I say “action figure” because my husband made sure that’s what we are calling them. 🙂
I used the following pattern:
I modified mine a little, adding the cape ,etc. making it superhero style. I also double stitched everything – because boys are so rough – I didn’t want them falling apart! I used acrylic paint to paint their faces then I set them with heat.  I had a difficult time with some of my sewing – the legs & arms were so bulky that when I pulled from inside out the legs wound up wonky. I decided not to fix it because it added character to them + I am pressed for time with Christmas here in 2 days.

front (yes 1 looks like he’s doing a split – I told you the legs were wonky!)
back side, I used felt for the back of the face mask, the capes I do not have a pattern for, I just did free hand. My littlest likes Flash so he will get the split sitting Flash & my preschooler will get Batman that looks like the one leg is doing a Karate chop!

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