We did sheep, I generated my own worksheets in Word asking my son the names for male, female, baby sheep as what do they eat & what do they provide for us?

Then we did this worksheet:
Christian preschool printables  (on this worksheet I had my son also write out Bible verse Psalm 95:7) FOR HE IS OUR GOD WE ARE THE PEOPLE HE WATCHES THE SHEEP UNDER HIS CARE.
Also on they have a bunch of farm lapbook materials you can print off. I printed off the Who lives on the farm pocket with cards.

It was funny because we are reading about Joseph in their Bible & this morning the Bible story was when the king had the dream about the thin cows eating the fat cows & how God told Joseph what the dreams meant. (Cows now – when we are doing our farm animal / farming unti study)

For math I took our thrifty math caps & some plastic farm animal toys out & put them in front of JJ. For instance I put 10 farm animals in front of him & the pile of number caps (1-20) next to him, he had to count the animals & match the number cap to the animals.

Since we didn’t have an opportuity to play this yesterday we did it today. I took some rubber ducks, had the boys try to get all the baby ducks to sit on mama’s back.
Then I had jumping peanut match all the color ducks in pairs



  1. I should do a farm unit too – we have tons and tons of farm animals and an entire Playmobil farm. I am just waiting until the weather gets nicer again to take it all outside.

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