Roosters, Hens & Chickens


Roosters, Hens & Chickens

I made my own worksheet as I did with the cows study.
Asking JJ the same questions then after he answered what do chickens provide for us he cut out a picture of eggs & chicken meat for this past Sunday’s sale ad’s & glued them to his sheet.

He also wrote out the Bible verse: Matthew 26:32
Then a farm phonics worksheet Farm phonics

The boys made a rooster craft. The template can be found at: First School
JJ traced his own hands, yes one of the hands has 6 fingers (too cute for me to say anything to him)

Farm animal math
I gathered up all the farm animal plastic toys we had, lined them up by number groups then with number flash cards I put the wrong number in front of each group of animal. JJ counted each group of animals & put the flash card with the correct corresponding group of animals.
Then I pulled out the Play-Doh & the farm animal type cookie / Play-Doh molds. JJ made some farm animals & then with our  thrifty handwriting w/o tears he wrote the word HEN.

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