How many things are in your house? A chart of items in your home your child counts & writes down.

I did our chart a little different. Since we have a 2 story home, my preschooler wrote the upstairs counting on 1 side of the page & the downstair counting items on the other side of the page. Then when he was done we used the abacus & added it together then he wrote the final number in the box. This tought his not only counting, observation but addition too!

Doing this chart gave me an idea to make some other one’s of my own for indoors & outdoors. So I once I am completed with making them I will post them to share.

I forgot I had bought my son a abacus about a year ago, I recently found it in his closet. So, we are using it!

Today I had him use his Hooked on Phonics math wipe off book that has 1-10 as well as fun activities that go with each number, as he got to each number he moved the abacus beads over to one side. So if he was on number 5 then he moved 5 beads over to one side. He enjoyed this, it helped him with counting, number recognition, etc.


Food Count / Math Day
Supplies need: 1 egg carton, little snacks, pen/marker

Set your empty egg carton up (see photo), I wrote the numbers 1-12 in each empty hole then filled them with snacks (raisins, m&m’s, jelly beans, peanuts, etc.) the amount corresponding with the number.

My preschooler then told me what each number was & counted the item in each empty hole, putting them on a paper towel then I randomly asked him what numbers were what & what food item matched with the number. He did very well so in the end he got to eat all the goodies!

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