Sewing for my baby girl

I wanted to make my baby a baby doll for Christmas & I came across this pattern:
I hand stitched her face using emborery thread. I also added a ribbon for the bow in her hair. Felt was used for her hair & linen of the remainder of her body.
I am so excited about this doll, I plan on making her several different ones eventually! Here is my 1st one which is one of the Christmas presents I made her.

Taggies type blankie for my baby. I used 2 different fleece fabrics & sandwiched ribbon loops between the two. (This is 1 of the Christmas gifts I made her) I cut out 2 squares, several ribbon pieces, sandwiched them in between both squares, stitched, turned right sides out then topped stitched.

Interchangeable hairbows w/ headband

I cannot take credit for this idea, wish I could. I made a headband out of a white cotton stretch t-shirt of mine, used my snap pliers & put the male snap on the headband, made 6 different bows, added the female snaps to them & now we have 6 different headbands! I plan on making more headbands in different colors with more bows.

New sewing crafts I have recently done!

Oct. 09′
Stuffed Taggie like giraffe I made my baby, pink on 1 side, green on the other side

October 2009
My preschooler made this for his Great-Grandma Marie. 🙂


  1. I am so jealous of your sewing abilities.

  2. 🙂
    Thank you Tracy! You have many God given gifts too!

  3. Great projects. I love the snap on the headband-so smart.

  4. I love the doll … I made those for two of my girls for Christmas as well. It’s such a cute pattern.

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