Recycled Tin Can Art Supply Organizers

My homeschool room is a wreck! Now that our homeschool year is done it is time to regroup, organize and purge our work area.  A few months ago my neighbor was getting rid of a nice dresser so my husband and I rescued it from his garbage pile.  We could not believe what great shape this dress was in.  So since I needed more storage in my homeschool area we decided that would be the best place for it.  Especially since it has 6 drawers to hide all the junk! Speaking of junk my kids have ransacked the drawer that holds markers and other supplies.  This mess is just ONE of the drawers, see for yourself! 

It makes me crazy when I go into these drawers and everything I neatly organized is all scattered. So I emptied the drawer that housed their markers and other homeschool supplies. Then I went through all the markers and tossed all the ones that were dried out, got rid of all the broken crayons and colored pencils that were too small.  Then I made recycled tin can art supply organizers to store them in.


Duct Tape

Large Tin Cans (Mine came from a 40 oz. peanut cans that were from Costco)



First I cleaned out my tin cans.  Then I threw them in our dishwasher and washed them.  Once they we completely dried I took Duct tape and wrapped the can starting from the top. Make sure to do each section at a time so that it is nice and neat. Continue to wrap each section till you get the to the bottom of the can.  I made a total of three of them; markers, crayons and colored pencils.  Since the crayons fit in the can I was able to use the lid that keep all three cans on top of the bookshelf were the kids can reach them easily which has freed up one of the drawers for other homeschool supplies. 

What do you think? So much more organized! What are some ways you organize your homeschool supplies? 


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  1. Another tip when making these is to use the can openers that cut off the whole top lid. It makes it so there are no sharp edges.

  2. That is a cute repurpose for kids to do! It can really get them into a creative mode. Those will come in handy for summer coloring or crafts, when the weather is rainy.

  3. I love this DIY idea! When you want to get rid of some cans and it’s not the time of the month for recycling, why not make something useful out of them?

  4. I like this idea, I am always reusing containers for storage. I have large plastic birdseed containers I use for toys and put the picture of the toys on the outside for my younger ones to sort and put away.

  5. This is a great crafty, DIY for kids! We have way too many markers and crayons here as well!

  6. krystal says:

    I am going to try this for my son’s art aarea. It’s a MESS and totally disorganized!

  7. Those turned out amazing. I have done something like this as well. My daughters and I made emoji containers from tin cans. It’s a lot of fun.

  8. Ooooh great way to reuse the big containers. They look cute too!

  9. Heather says:

    Love this idea! Great way to reuse what you already have!

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