Mythical Slyme Will Cure Summertime Boredom & Giveaway!


It has been raining so much here in Florida that most of the time our outdoor plans have been canceled so this mama is having to think fast to keep my kids busy.  There have been days we have all had cabin fever because of the bad weather.  My kids like to cook, watch movies, do crafts but sometimes we just love to sit around our table and play with the summer cool Mythical Slyme products. 



Mythical Slyme is a company that offers slime and putty that will keep any child or adult entertained for hours! Each putty comes in his own 2.8 oz.  tin can container which makes it perfect for play at home or on the go.  We choose the Unicorn Poop, Unicorn Boogers and Unicorn Dreams. What child would not want to play with something with such funny names?   


Every putty has it’s own story, for instance the Unicorn Poop:

“It’s a well-known urban myth that unicorns poop rainbows. The truth is that unicorns fart rainbows, they do not poop them. Collected from the dung of only the finest unicorns, this slime is sprinkled with a pinch of glitter dust and pure happiness. It has the soft gleam of a pearl and the texture and color of bubblegum. Who knew poops could be so, well, magical?” 


Mythical Slyme lives up to their name because they not only offer putty’s but they offer slyme too!  You get lots of slime too because it comes in a ONE POUND container! My oldest daughter chose the Unicorn Night Slyme which is a clear purple/pink glittery slime, with lots of fun colorful mix-ins.  My daughter loves to take the slime and stretch it out to see how far it goes until it collapses but her favorite thing to do is to see if she can get all the mix-in’s out of the slime, it takes awhile because there is a lot! 


The putty is sold for $14.99 and the putty for $13.99 which can be purchased directly from Mythical Slyme. 


These products are wonderful on so many levels: for play – allowing children to use their creativity and imagination, relief for stress – working out stress with your hands while stretching and kneading the putty or great for homeschoolers to use as science experiments as well as great for children strengthening their motor skills, dexterity and hand muscles.  



Enter to win a chance to win one 2.8 oz. container of putty of your choice by entering on the below entry form to enter for a chance to win. Please let me know if you have any questions.  Open to the US  ages 18+.

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Mama to 6 Blessings  wrote this post on the behalf of Mythical Slyme  and their PR Company.  I received products in exchange for an honest review. This is not a sponsored review and all views and opinions are of my own and were not influenced in any way. Mama to 6 Blessings is disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.



  1. Slime is a staple in my house! We have tried so many but these look like better quality than the ones we have bought. Love all the sparkles!

  2. I like the collectible tins they come in! My daughter would love the Unicorn Snot!

  3. My daughter loves that it stretches so much and the fun and colorful tins they come in. She’d love to win the Unicorn Poop!

  4. My kids are all about the slime as well! They love nothing more than making it into shapes and playing little games with it.

  5. My daughter loves slime and is a whiz at making all sorts of kinds herself. Even though she can make it she still loves to try out slimes she buys online. She will enjoy checking this slime out!

  6. They look so cool! Love the color and sparkles! Never seen one like those!

  7. My twins absolutely love slime and this is soooo awesome. I’ll be honest, I want some of this slime too! Thanks for sharing and for the cool giveaway!

  8. Robin Abrams says:

    My grand kids love slime. I would choose the unicorn poop.

  9. shelly peterson says:

    I love the tins ad that its so glittery. I would probably pic the Unicorn poop.

  10. Jenn Mitchell says:

    This slime looks like it would be a blast. I love all the different colors there are!

  11. Deborah W. says:

    I like that it has glitter and is very stretchy. If I won I would choose the Unicorn Dreams for my granddaughter to have fun with!

  12. Darlene Owen says:

    I love that you can use this to stretch and use your muscles for exercise. I like the Unicorn Night.

  13. Darlene Owen says:

    I like that it is good for exercise for stretching it. I love the Unicorn Night.

  14. My kids love slime. I have banned it from being INSIDE the house though.

  15. Michelle C says:

    I really like the containers these slimes are stored in! I would choose Unicorn Poop, si hnce my kids are amused by potty humor!

  16. elizabeth miller says:

    I would pick the Unicorn Tears for my daughter. I love that this is so stretchable and has a nice neat cute can to keep it in.

  17. Unicorn poops sound awesome! I’m a big fan of unicorn and my daughter loves it as well! All the glitters make is even more special!

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