2 Baby Dolls Fast Asleep (Almost Wednesday) Wordless Wednesday With Linky



It is hard to resist taking pictures of my kids when they are sleeping especially when they are like this. The baby fell asleep on the couch with her baby doll cuddled up in her arm.  The doll is almost as big as she is! Two baby dolls fast asleep! 


Joy sleeping with doll

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  1. Absolutely adorable photos.

  2. She is precious! Wish she could come over and play with my granddaughters. They would have a blast!

  3. How precious is that… love the thumb in her mouth and arm over her dolly!

  4. Absolutely darling photo, I love all the pink too, my fav!
    Have a great day!

  5. There’s nothing like a good nap!

  6. Both are so adorable!

  7. Oh good gracious how sweet and adorable. Currently Abby is napping under piles of quilts, she said the AC is too cold lol.

  8. What a sweet photo, such a cutie. My 2-year-old is crazy about her dolls too, it’s amazing how quick they grow up.

  9. That is definitely adorable! The doll helps to accentuate the fact that your daughter’s really grown so much already!

  10. Oh how sweet this is! What a cool idea for a link up too! I love photos so I’ll be sure to check some out!

  11. How cute…Very lovely capture….

  12. That is such a cute photo! She really is fast asleep.

  13. How adorable.

  14. Awww. What a precious little sweetie!

  15. That picture is so cute! Yes, they are both adorable little dolls!

  16. So precious!! They grow too fast! Glad you got this shot!

  17. I love little ones who suck their thumb!

  18. Awww, a perfect shot. Happy Wednesday.

  19. Precious! What a great shot πŸ™‚

  20. Omg what precious photos!

  21. Such a sweet photo!

  22. She really is super cute with the dolly πŸ™‚

  23. Aww super cute! I had two thumbsuckers myself. I miss mines being this little.

  24. So sweet!

  25. A very precious moment…lovely…

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