Kids Making Movies From Start To Finish (Learn & Link)



This week my 9 year old son did Apple Camp, yes Apple as in the Apple Store.  The camp is only 3 days and the kids make their own movie and then taught how to edit the movie and the last day which is tomorrow (Friday) the kids get to show their final movie to the parents and the rest of the camp.  What a great opportunity it has been for my son. He enjoyed coming up with a theme, doing it and then seeing the end result. 



apple camp USE


He came up with pirates capturing the treasure and he built it all out of Lego’s. So for each movement he had to take a picture. With a total of 2 minutes 30 second video he took roughly over 200 photo’s. Once this was done The Apple Store taught him how to edit is work. He added music to the video which he created himself.


apple camp story board USE


The storyline: A evil pirate is on an island with treasure and 2 other pirates are looking for this treasure which they find on the island and they encounter the evil pirate. So they have a dual and the evil pirate falls into the ocean and 1/2 of his body is eaten by a shark. He is able to escape with only his torso and swims and catches up to the other pirates with the treasure and he just cannot go any further so he winds up back on the island which is it for him.  Watch the shark in the video. You can tell this video was made by a boy!


So you ready to watch his video? If you like it please click the thumbs up button, he will get a kick out of that! I am sure it would encourage him to make more movie if he knows people like his work. 



This was a great experience for my son.  He is interested in doing more of this movies maybe another Steven Spielberg? 

Apple Camp


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  1. Wow. What an amazing learning experience for him. That is super cool.

  2. Melissa Smith says:

    That has to be the coolest camp…ever! Your son did a great job on his move! Thumbs up all the way!!!

  3. Love that he took the time to sketch it all out and plan it. Great job!

  4. What a great way to introduce a whole new creative outlet to kids! I love this!

  5. That’s a great experience and seems like a lot of fun. Great job on the video!

  6. OMG, my daughter is obsessed with videos like this. It is amazing.

  7. How fun! I bet your kids will remember this activity for the rest of their lives. 🙂

  8. Budding screenplay writer and film director. Fan it into flames, you never know where this will take him.

  9. This is such an amazing experience. It is great he enjoyed it so much. How neat!

  10. What a great way to get kids interested in movie production. I am going to show this to my son when he comes home this afternoon. Very neat.

  11. This is such a cool experience! I had no idea Apple did this type of thing!

  12. That is awesome, what a great thing to learn. I didn’t even know there was such as thing as Apple Camp. I want to sign up my oldest, and I want to go too!

  13. My son would have loved this at your son’s age. It’s such a fun way for them to learn a great compilation of skills.

  14. How fab this is what a clever idea .x

  15. That’s really cool! I love the creativity. Tell your son to keep it up!

  16. That is awesome.. my son would love to do that.. i am going to look into it..

  17. YAY!!!!! great video! I love legos and this was cool…I gave it a thumbs up! Make some more videos 🙂

  18. Oh my goodness! That sounds like so much fun. Do they let adults go to camp too so they can learn how to create and edit amazing videos too?

  19. Caleb would love this – such a great time learning and being creative! the video is so neat!

  20. What a great idea! I’d like to go to this camp!

  21. He did a great job! That’s so awesome!

  22. So creative! My kids used to make little movies like this. Some of the movies were weird, but I encouraged their creativity!

  23. That is so cool! I think my nephew would love that!

  24. No way! That is so cool I would like to send my daughter there.

  25. Wow! I bet that was an amazing experience for him. And the finished product is amazing. Great job!

  26. What a great summer vacation memories for him!! Love his video super cute and glad he had a good time.

  27. So dude! I want to go to APPLE CAMP! I have a son-in-law who would fight a lego shark for that chance. Pretty cool!

  28. What a fun project and cool for kids and adults.

  29. Paula Parker says:

    Wow! How creative! I love this! I wish I could have made movies when I was a kid. Such fun!

  30. What a really fun opportunity for kids. I bet my youngest would love to do something like this.

  31. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    What a great idea for a camp. I would love to go to Apple Camp!

  32. How neat! What great way for your son to be able to show off his intelligence by way of technology!

  33. Oh that was awesome!!! What fun for him!

  34. Interesting. I am not sure I can make a movie 🙂

  35. Love this idea for kids, and kudos to the folks who put this camp together!

  36. Such a great idea, I bet my girls would love it!

  37. That sounds like a fun camp. I’d totally go myself if I could!

  38. katrina g says:

    i love this, very cool! your son rocks!!

  39. cool.. so informative and helpful.. thanks

  40. That is so cool, defintiely a skill kids can benefit from in this age!

  41. This is an amazing experience. I am sure he had a lot of fun.

  42. I have to agree. My boys love doing this on my electronic devices as well. I think its wonderful and their imagination is so cute and precious

  43. That is a very cool app! Sometimes I’m amazed at what we can learn on our devices.

  44. My son went to the camp too, he looooved it! IT’s a great initiative from Apple!

  45. What a wonderful opportunity for your son! I know my son would love to be able to do movies of his own. He did a really great job with his movie! I gave him the thumbs up 🙂

  46. That’s so cool! What kid wouldn’t love that…I know my hubs would so go for that!

  47. That is totally awesome!

  48. This is really a neat learning experience. Great they do this.

  49. He is such a cutie – what a cool experience this must have been. Confidence boosting too I’m sure!

  50. What a fun experience! My daughter would love this!

  51. This sounds like a great experience for kids.

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