Chocolate Confetti Cookies



I hosted a blog Shopkins party last week with some friends (that post is coming soon).  I wanted to make a yummy treat for after lunch.  I made Chocolate Confetti Cookies – a fun twist on regular chocolate chip cookies!


chocolate confetti cookies 


Chocolate Confetti Cookies
Yields 3
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Prep Time
10 min
Prep Time
10 min
  1. 2 sticks of I butter
  2. 2 1/4 cups of flour
  3. 1 tsp. baking soda
  4. 1 tsp. salt 3/4 cups of sugar
  5. 3/4 cups packed brown sugar
  6. 1 tsp. vanilla
  7. 2 large eggs
  8. 1 cup of Hershey Kisses ground up
  9. Colored confetti sprinkles
  1. First I put a cup of Hershey Kisses in the freezer for about 20 minutes then I unwrapped them and then put them in my VitaMix dry mixer (a blender would work too).
  2. Next I took all my ingredients in my Kitchen Aid and mixed all the ingredients together for until everything is fully blended (For the confetti sprinkles I added about 3/4 of a cup to the batter). Before placing them in the oven I sprinkled the confetti sprinkles on the tops of the cookies.
  3. Finally I baked them bake for 9 to 11 minutes on 350 degrees.
Mama to 6 Blessings
 It was a good thing I ran out of regular chocolate chips because the ground up Hershey Kisses made these cookies chocolatey and creamy! 


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  1. How colorful and fun! Cookies are always a winner in our house πŸ™‚

  2. My kids would love these fun confetti cookies! They just love cookies! But the confetti look makes them a lot more fun.

  3. THey look so good. I love sprinkles so these are perfect for me. Will be trying them out.

  4. What a great recipe! I love how festive they are for picnics that we are going to attend.

  5. Angela S says:

    I personally think most things are better with sprinkles. πŸ˜‰ Love these cookies!

  6. That is a fun looks cookie.. my daughter is always looking to bake something new..

  7. Those look great! I had never thought about grinding up kisses to replace chips either- good idea!

  8. Ground up Hershey Kisses is smart! I bet they were even better than regular ol’ chocolate chips!

  9. Think I will make these with the kids this week.

  10. Yum! Love it when baking requires flexibility… and the results turn out even better than usual. Those are so pretty and look delcious. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I planned on making cookies today so I think I’ll give your recipe a try and send these as a surprise for my husband’s lunch. Thank so much for sharing.

  12. These are adorable and since my kids are obsessed with sprinkles right now, they will be perfect! I can’t wait to make them!

  13. I love seing new and creative recipes like this from my bloggy friends. This is getting pinned.

  14. YUM! These looks so yummy and so simple. Thanks for the idea! I may need to make these ASAP because I have a sweet tooth right now

  15. These are seriously screaming my name. I can hear them say “Dip me in your coffee” Thanks, Now I have to bake haha πŸ™‚ Yum!

  16. Those look delicious! My niece would absolutely devour these. She loves anything with sprinkles.

  17. Sprinkles! I love pretty much any recipe with sprinkles. They just make everything more festive.

  18. Looking good. Delish treat and fun to make.,

  19. Oh yummy! I have had a craving for cookies for the past week now. These look like the perfect milk dippers!

  20. Amy Desrosiers says:

    These look like the kind of chewy cookies enjoy. My kids would love the sprinkles.

  21. My son loves sprinkles! Pinning for later! Thanks!

  22. This is how I want to celebrate every day. The cookies look outstanding!

  23. My son would love these cookies! They look simple and delicious!

  24. Oh these look good, the kids would go crazy for the sprinkles!!

  25. Those cookies look delicious, fun, and different! Kids always love sprinkles!

  26. I LOVE chocolate cookies! They are may favorite. Plus anything with sprinkles makes them even more fun to eat. Thanks for the recipe!

  27. Paula Parker says:

    What a fun cookie. It’s like having a party! Great idea, thanks for the cool recipe.

  28. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    These look yummy and the confetti is a nice twist. Il. Have to try these soon.

  29. This is not good for my diet! HA! These look amazing. I want them now!

  30. I really want some milk and cookies now! Looks delicious!

  31. Maria Oller says:

    The I love how the cookies love with confetti’s and yummy chocolate, think I’ll try adding some confetti to my son pancakes for his bd and see if they looks as good as the cookies.

  32. These look so fun! I love eating with my eyes first, so these are a winner for our family! And I’m sure they taste awesome, too!

  33. My husband would love these. He’s a big cookie fan.

  34. Mmmm, these look yummy! I wish I would have made these on the 4th!

  35. How fun are these?!?!? I bet the kids love making them as well.

  36. I can totally picture these with just red/white/blue sprinkles for the 4th of July!

  37. Never thought of using Kisses! What a great idea! Will definitely have to try these!

  38. I love a good chocolate chip cookies and these look delicious… I soo have to try these and surprise the kids this week

  39. The fun thing is that these can really be adapted to use anything I have in the baking cabinet.

  40. Sprinkles are my fav! They add so much colour to everything!

  41. Cookies always win over a crowd don’t they? Those look fun for sure!

  42. My kids just peeked over my shoulder and saw these cookies and are begging me to make them. They looks so yummy. I never thought to add sprinkles into cookies. Trying this for sure.

  43. Those look really good! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  44. This is such a fun recipe. Perfect for July 4!

  45. Ground up Hershey’s Kisses in cookies sounds like a really good idea! YUM!

  46. That’s a great idea to “dress up” chocolate chip cookies once in a while. These look like so much fun to make!

  47. I think the sprinkles and ground up Hershey kisses keep these from being boring old cookies. Very ZIppy!

  48. Yummy! Who doesn’t love sprinkles? Especially in a Chocolate chip cookie!

  49. I love how colorful these cookies are. Pretty and sweet! A great combination.

  50. These are too cute! My kids would love them!

  51. What fun cookies. I love adding new twists to old favorites! Thanks.

  52. Rebecca Swenor says:

    That is a good idea with the Hershey kisses. These looks so good and I am going to have to try this recipe. Thanks for sharing.

  53. My kids would love these cookies! This would be an easy cookie for my daughter to make, she is expecting her first in September and has began baking.

  54. Wow! just by reading the title my mouth says yummy. I’m addicted to cookies and this one is very different. First time to see a cookie with confetti. I’m sure this is so yummy!

  55. Sprinkles add a next color pop to your cookies…..and if Rebecca Swenor needs a cookie tester,I volunteer!

  56. It’s a cookie kind of day over here. I think we’ll make a batch of something before it gets too hot out. πŸ™‚

  57. Chocolate chip cookies have always been my favorite. These sound great. What a fun variation on the traditional cookie.

  58. These look really tasty, this would be totally fun to make with the kids.

  59. Oh wow I can taste these through the screen. They look and smell so good. I am definitely a sucker for home made cookies. Thanks for the share

  60. What more could a cookie monster kid ask for? Homemade cookies with chocolate and colored sprinkles!! Too good!!

  61. I am such a cookie monster and sprinkles make life better!

  62. These look so yummy! can you come over to my house with those? lol πŸ™‚

  63. Those looks DELICIOUS! I know my kids would love them! πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing!

  64. These look perfect for our cookie jar, yum!

  65. Those look great! My son would love those.

  66. DG Middendorf says:

    Cute and so colorful. Sounds like they taste as great as they look.

  67. Looks so yummy! I would love to try to make one. Now, I’m craving for it!

  68. Kate F. says:

    What a fun recipe! I love the colorful cookies.

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